First GFX thumbnail, and I need feedback

My goal was to make a semi-realistic GFX for my game, Artifact Simulator, using Blender and Photoshop. I’ve never attempted something like this, as graphic design is not my specialty, so I need some feedback, positive or negative.

Here it is:

Thanks! :grinning:


Looks nice! Lighting looks off on the head and torso, but that can be fixed by putting an emission plane on top of the head.

( Just rotate it if you want the sun coming from a certain direction )

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Great job! For a first time effort it went real well.

What I would suggest is not make your logo that transparent, you could keep it plain sticking out, since that’s something that will mainly be eye appealing.

For the lighting, I’ll assume you placed it around the “artifact” that the NPC is holding, I’d suggest shining it more around the avatar for the for a better result.

Also, if you look at the edge of the left, you can see that your terrain cuts out.

Other then that, everything else looks swell.

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Interesting point on the logo. I was kinda afraid if the logo didn’t blend in with the grass, it would pop out TOO much. Thanks for the feedback! :+1:


Looks good! I would have to agree with @KlausMontanari that the logo is way too transparent. It should be opaque so it is easier to read and the player knows what game they are about to join. I would also try to make shovel in studio, because the current one looks so out of place.

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That looks amazing! I think it would look nicer if you made the text pop out a bit more, so that it really stands out. But for the most part, it’s great

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Nice GFX! Here’s some things I noticed:

The map is cut off in the top left corner.

I see what you were trying to do with the blur/smudge here but the strength in some parts might’ve been too strong, making it look slightly out of place. (Especially on the far left)

And as people said already, the title looks odd transparent.

I’d try experimenting with particle rendering in blender to get a more realistic grass effect, so you don’t have to photoshop all that in.

Hope my feedback helps! Good luck!

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Overall this looks great, but I have to point out some issues.
The character needs a rock or something to lean on because it looks like he is leaning on an object, but he isn’t and change the map or the thing in his hand, it’s not clear to see what it is. Overall, amazing job.

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This looks pretty nice, the only issues I can see here is that the shadow for the head seems off, and that the text is transparent, try to make it more opaque. Besides that, looks nice.

It looks great, really good job on the render I think. The shovel dug into the grass also makes it look realistic which is always good! Personally the transparent text I’m not a big fan of, maybe just normal would be better in my opinion.

The background blends in quite well with the grass which is really good and the sun glare is really good quality too!

Overall good job! I think it’s great especially for your first thumbnail!

Hey @coreful! Your graphic is nice. The lighting is perfect. Instead of the text fading away, just make it visible.