First Logo - Feedback Needed

Hello! I’m beginning to experiment with design and graphics, and I created a group logo for practice. This is my first attempt at this type of design, so honest feedback would be greatly appreciated.



I would make the background colour and text colour opposite colours so that you could see more clearly what is says. The blue used for shading is too different from the light blue, which makes is harder to make out what it says at instance.


Thanks for the feedback! Since it’s supposed to be for a personal project, I wanted the colors to match my avatar but you’re right in regards to the contrast. I’ll alter the dark text color to better match the wave overlay.


It looks really good. I wont make any suggestions because it looks really good just the way it is. Its like mona lisa compared to the icons I try to make.


You should change the color of the border to a stronger color that does not assimilate to the other and the object of the logo should be of different colors


The border is a bit too light and that makes it a bit hard to read, try making it a darker purple. If you want to keep the two shades of blue you’re using, a gradient would probably help them to clash less.

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I messed around with it a bit more and ended up with a version that definitely turned out better than my first attempt. Thanks for the feedback @SuperkarolG, @majickPorgsMaster, @XxEvilCraftxX, and @Ninja_Cat31 - it was a big help.