First map that with concept that is a mine for my minigames

2020-10-09 15_20_44-Window
2020-10-09 15_22_11-Window
How looks.
2020-10-09 15_21_10-Window
When game is goin’ to end.
2020-10-09 13_52_13-Window
When game is goin’ to start.
2020-10-09 15_41_53-Window
Map’s Logo.

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Looks great. I would make it a little more 2020 if you get what I mean. It looks a bit like an 2014ish roblox game. I really am confused about the decoration what is it ment to be I really dont get it. I give you a 5/10

I’m gonna be honest with you, it doesn’t look that great. (Sorry to be harsh on you)

  1. What is with the material selection?
  2. Why are the parts like stringy?
  3. What is up with the colours?
  1. it’s just a simple thing.
  2. I was about to make old-like map.
  3. Changed to something dark.

I love your idea and concept! The colors kind of contrast too much, the text and symbol on the floor is too stretched, and your textures contrast too much.