First Modeling Attempt (Blender)

My first attempt at modeling something in Blender. Trying to work my way up to more complicated models. Looking for some feedback on this model, as well as suggestions on other simple things I could model. (Was thinking of doing a basketball next)


It’s good like for first attempt blending.


Cool,why not make them circle.Just saying.Good for start! Keep up :+1:


Looks cool! I wonder if this is useful for meshes.

Wanted to go for a blocky feel for this one, I’ll try making a circle version

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Look’s wonderful! How long did it take to make?

It can be used for meshes, but as far as I know importing colors and materials is tricky so it has to be recolored and retextured in studio

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Took me about an hour since I was testing some stuff out, if I redid it now that I know how to I can probably make it faster

Not half bad! What other models have you made?

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No,the blocky vibe looks wonderful too!


This is alot better than my first attempt. I couldnt even trace a flat thing when i started

This is my first try making a model so no others yet :sweat_smile:

Still, Wonderful work! Would you maybe want some modeling ideas?

Honestly took me a while to get used to the controls (I’m used to building on Studio), and had to redo a lot of settings too since I’m on laptop and Blender uses numpad a lot

Yes I’d really appreciate some ideas to work on. :+1:

Yeah I know, blender is difficult for laptop users, as long as you keep practicing like i did you will improve quickly. You just need to model alot at improve. Things will become muscle memory over time.

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I actually use a laptop and it’s pretty easy once you get used to it!

wow not bad!
one thing I would change is that maybe add some pixel textures.

Hey! If you need help with exporting the material colors DM me and I’ll help you!

My second attempt at modeling (irregular shapes and texturing, as well as lighting ig):

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