First Professional GFX!

Hey Devforumers!

I’ve been doing renders for about a week now and a couple simple logo PFPs for fun, but never a real professional thumbnail for a game. Please look at it below and vote on the poll.

Thumbnail (Watermarked So You Can't Steal)



  • No Work Needed! I Might Commission You!
  • Awesome, But Here’s Something You Can Fix… (Reply)
  • It’s Decent. (Reply)
  • I Don’t Like It, Not Very Good… (Reply)
  • Ugh, It’s Horrible! (Reply)

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its way too bright, there no scene action, posing is decent but again its too bright you gotta work on lighting


It’s good, but a problem; please add some transparency to your watermarks!


and also there no textures it looks plastic

Thanks! What do you recommend for lighting, and HDRI or custom lighting?

I couldn’t find a way to import the textures in from Studio, so yea I’d agree that’s a problem.

HDRI use Evening road or something similar to it


Any specific size? (1K, 2K, etc) I currently use a 1K one.

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Why is the guy wearing man face? Not saying that it’s bad, but I think it should wear a limited face or something.

There’s too many corners to things, like the table isn’t smooth enough.

The text is too small or not positioned good enough for the reader to notice.

Also, you don’t see any food anywhere.

I hope I haven’t offended you, it’s obviously better than anything I can do, because I have no clue to do GFX.

It’s good for “First Professional GFX”.


Thanks, this is a kinda simple render. I’ll be sure to add some more stuff in. (Thankfully I have a ton of storage space so I can save all the blend files incase I want to change up the scene.)

The lighting is kind of weird Looks like there’s a light on the chair seat.
And you should change the transparency of the watermark, it’s too hard to see anything in the GFX.


Hmm, I do see what you mean with the chair… this was even done in Cycles so I’m surprised. I’ll use a new HDRI.

Regarding the watermark, I’m making changes to the GFX as you guys post comments and I made the text a bit bigger and toned the watermark down to Opacity 50%.

I would tone the saturation down and add some effects, but that’s about it. I think it looks good!

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It’s a decent first GFX but try to dim the lights down a little and add some effects like what loertis said earlier. I do like the scenery.

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Why is there so many weird watermarks in the GFX? Just make it small and put it at one of the corners.

@JuusesGFX @lootwise @Aeventy @Coldshot_Dev @loertis @ColdCrazyGoku

I made a new one and improved one based on your suggestions! (Juuses, the HDRI made it look like as if there was no sun at all…)


there a sun light in blender that you can use.

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The posing is decent, the composition is okay, but the lighting is quite plain. I suggest using an hdri from HDRIs • Poly Haven , it will help a lot!

you also may want to add more chars as well :smiley:

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Thanks for the feedback! I actually use all my HDRIs from and I’m thinking of putting some more sitting characters.

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I’ll add a couple drinks, and maybe some utensils on the future added characters.