First Render| FAILED

Now there is no background and stuff currently but the beak failed as I didn’t fix it, I didn’t see it.


The render looks great, but the things you might want to change is the lighting because it’s too dark and purple, I don’t think it matches the vibe of the GFX and be sure to make the background transparent but anyway it’s brilliant. :+1:

You just need to add those minor changes to your GFX and your GFX will be epic.
Hopefully, we see some improvement be sure to watch some blender tutorials and those will help you. :smiley:


Hello Developer!

First i want to say its cool! But u have something to improve!

As @AlmightyYumzy said its bit dark so work on it, i really like that “club atmosphere” it looks cool!
I don’t know if this affected by lighting or it’s because bad position for textures (sometimes it can happen becouse of it)
image image
I personaly really like it. Its looks sick! And again as @AlmightyYumzy be sure to watch wsome blender tutorials!

Thanks for reading

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The problem with the beak is fixable.
Step 1: Click the shading icon at the bottom right of your screen

Step 2: Click the shading tab at the top of your screen

Final Step: Click the texture tab and delete it.

This should disable the transparency glitch on your character however, this glitch only happens on cycles render engine, I don’t recommend cycles render engine for Roblox GFX since bloom, ambient occlusion and motion blur cannot be enabled, I recommend using Evee Render Engine.

I did that but forgot to fix the bill. It was all of it before.

It was for a club vibe/music vibe.