First Render Feedback

I just got blender and learned how to make quick little low poly creations. So a created a car…

Here it is

It would be nice to have some feedback on this, like how to make it better, how to make it so I can edit the textures of the mesh so I can make custom textures in roblox!


I like the model but I suggest less vibrant colors. Such as why are the windows bright purple?

i wanted it to look like the classic noob colors

(yellow, green, blue)

Yes, but why are the windows purple?

Forget the windows colors… cmon… Lets ask why DaVinci used the colors he choosed… or why any artist/singer uses a specific color pallette… its the desition of the artist PERIOD… there’s no right and wrong with that. Art is abstract and you are the only one who knows what u are trying to achieve.

This questions should be ortiented to egineering, do’s and donts exporting renders. The only thing I see, its extreme lighting that causes the colors and details to get burned. But… if I take that image into PhotoShop, ALL color, burning, gamma problems can be fixed.
Its impossible to get a nice image just by making a render, the post edition is always needed.

Congrats on ur first render, keep going :3

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It’s a pretty nice model for a beginner. I could suggest you to bevel the sharp edges to make it more detailed. Other than that, great job!

P.S. I believe this belongs to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

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they were blue but the light turned they purple

Oh, I see now. Thanks for clarification.

reminds me of the game Chicken Cossing or what is it i forgot
edit: Ah yes! Crossy roads

Simple and Clean I Love It!
I like the aesthetic and style you were going for… :grinning:

Purple is the complimentary color of yellow

This looks great as it is your first render, fantastic job.

Yes, but he explained it was supposed to be blue.

oh ok, sorry i didn’t see his message