First shirt design

Hi guys i made my first shirt

Warning some people may find this shirt offensive

[This is not ment to offend anyone in anyway though]



so what do you think?

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It looks like a combination of colors and shapes. Sorry to say this but it’s not really good.

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I know its my first one so dont exoect it to be good
what do you recommend?

It’s supposed to be the flag of Palestine.

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Maybe add some more detail into the front of the shirt?

put this in help and feedback, please

oh wait sorry about that
this si now fixed

ok thanks for your feedback!
i will take it into consideration

Even though it’s a country flag there are tons of other flag shirts that people made.

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I like the concept of Free Palestine but overall it does not look like something wearable.

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I surely hope nobody finds this shirt offensive, as there is no reason for anyone to be offended by it.

Anywho it looks like most users first shirt; this is to say that with practice you will get better at making shirts. I suggest looking into the following resource: How to make Roblox shirts using Paint Net - YouTube


I think if you want to make it look more like a shirt, you have to add a collar or something similar.



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Thank you i will take that into consideration

i uploaded the flag for a game before i got a ban warning for it so thats why i put that there

Most likely nobody would be offended by it.

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Ok so i should make look more like a shirt is what im hearing i guess that will do


You don’t have to make it look more like a shirt you could just make it into a T-Shirt.

i would have to pay 10 :robux: for a t shirt and people liek shirts better
so i might as well

Whatever works for you is fine.

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That was most certainly a mistake on moderation’s part. I’m sorry that this happened to you, please do not let that discourage you from expressing your support for the Palestinians!

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Roblox Moderation is usually wack.

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