First simulator map (took me 4 hours to make)

Hi, So I’ve finished my first low poly simulator map. I haven’t added a store and place to sell stuff yet. That is because I don’t really know what I should make. Do you guys have any feedback? (especially on the king of the hill part and the stores & selling part)
Simulator Map Text

These are some pics

Thanks for your time!


I think it’s great!
But the crown at the king of the hill keeps throwing me off, Does it rotate or is it just cocked to one side always?
I think the plaza with the fountain is a bit empty.
Otherwise, it’s great and I look forward to seeing your next build.

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I haven’t scripted anything so the crown is just tilted to one side(I might script it). And the plaza is the part where I still want to place some houses. Thanks for ur feedback!

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Looks very good. Keep up the work

Also the Simulator Map IMG w the text could’ve been higher quality

Otherwise its great to see a cool map


I think it looks amazing. And I personally think four hours to make all of that is pretty fast for a build like that. Keep up the great work.
(But the crown could be changed a little and be more straight or something)

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Yeah I made it blurry on purpose but when I pasted it in here I found out it really didnt look that good, might make another design later on.

That map looks great,and i really like the models! May i ask how much building experience do u have ? (like when did you start building/developing games)

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I started building 14 months ago. I’d say I’m atleast a bit above average when it comes to building. I started modeling 6 months ago.

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