First smart npc I've made!

I’ve always been pretty good at making path finding npcs, but I just made the best one I’ve ever made!
It’s a bit glitchy but I think it might just be the path finding services fault, I’m not sure though.

Here is some footage!

robloxapp-20200430-0734123.wmv (3.4 MB)

Try making it mp4 so people don’t need to download.
Good Job tho!

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Oh sorry about that, but thank you!

Looking great, I wonder how these could work in a sort of abandoned zombie apocalypse environment while giving the NPC a few challenges to manoeuvre around certain parts of the map. Really well done on this. :v:

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I can’t view it, I don’t want to download random stuff. Can you send something I don’t need to download?


@TheTurtleMaster_2 It’s a moving zombie with glowing red eyes.

Your 1st NPC you’ve made is pretty good, keep up the good work.

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