First Terrain Feedback

Hello, recently I have been trying to learn how to use the basics of terrain, and have made a small map with it.

I Would like some feedback on how to improve for next time :smiley:

You got a lot to improve.

Firstly I notice that the water level in your river is not uniform. You can see some blobs of water over the surface of the river and this sort of thing looks out of place in any game. I think you tried to make the river by using the Grow/Add tool. From my experience in handling terrain, the Sea Level tool is best for this sort of job, as it doesn’t have you go through the hassle of checking to make sure every part is in the correct place.

Second, I notice that the sandy parts beside the river aren’t smooth. Consider using the smooth tool, or use a smaller brush while you paint (I think ~3 is good for this sort of job).

Third, the hills need some work too. They aren’t smooth and don’t really look like hills. You should make the top part of your hill flatter, and make the sides smoother. Again you can use the smooth tool or add more ground to the sides to make them more diagonal. I don’t know what you’re trying to do with that hole in one of your hills, so I can’t give any feedback.

Lastly, I would suggest you use terrain vegetation, to give it a more realistic feel. If you don’t know how to enable it, select the Terrain object in explorer, and in the Properties window enable “Decorations”.

Hope I helped you ::grinning:


Overall, it’s great, but try and add trees and grass that look alive using plugins. I also recommend using skyboxes!

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Pretty good for your first ever Roblox terrain, but:

  • The water level is not uniform. Try using the Sea Level or Add tool with the square brush.
  • The mountain just looks odd, probably because of the flat top and the steep sides.
  • The entire area is bumpy; using the Smooth tool over the land area would help a lot.

You should try using the Generate tool to make a piece of terrain, then edit that. It saves a lot of time.

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Hello developer,

I suggest adding decoration to your terrain. Overall, it’s not bad for your first run. Maybe start to smooth the terrain out. Like the hills and whatnot. Overall, I’d say it’s pretty decent for your first run. Keep up the good work!