First Time Learning Blender

Hi fellow developer!

I decided it is time for me to start learning blender. I watched like 1-2 videos now but I don’t find them very helpful.

I want to learn somewhat the basics and more. Is 3d modeling on blender hard? Please send me anything useful or some advice. Thanks!

3D modeling on blender does have a learning curve, but I wouldn’t call it hard. I HIGHLY recommended you check out blender gurus tutorials (basically a rite of passage at this point! :joy:) if you are completely new.


Thanks! Was it hard for your first time starting out?

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The hardest part was honestly finding the motivation to do it, but that’s one of the biggest challenges to overcome when learning anything right?
It’s also imperative that you don’t solely rely on tutorials, you’ll never truly get good if you rely on others to hold your hand the whole time. There is some really good advice that I got from drawabox (this site focuses mainly on learning to draw, but this advice is relevant here too!) It’s called “the 50/50 rule”. You should spend at least half your time in blender not following a structured tutorial or guide. Make the things you want to make, whether you think you can do it well or not. It WILL be painful at first, but it’ll help you improve so much faster, I promise!

Here are some blender-centric communities where you can ask questions and get help as well.

blenderartists forum
Blender stackexchange
Blenderhelp reddit