First time really using Moon Animator

This is my first time using Moon Animator, and I think the animation looks nice, but it needs improvement. Any thoughts?


I think it looks really well-made! Only feedback I have is making it a bit faster or maybe change the feet position a bit for more realism.

Good stuff! I’d say try to move his left arm back while he takes the first swing, and rotate his head to look at his target as he swings as well.

For more advanced work, try to keep the feet planted in the same place instead of having them slide with the torso. Cheers!

Bit of a bump, but how did you weld it in?

I used the Easy Weld Plugin (Part of the Moon Animator Suite). So first I put the katana in the dummy, then finally I used the Easy Weld Plugin to weld the katana to the right arm (Part0-Handle, Part1-RightArm).

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I’d suggest keeping the head pointing forwards but moving with the body since the person swining will be looking at the target.

This was made 30 days ago lmao

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Oh i didn’t realise it was at the top of my feed

Thanks, but what I’m trying to do is to have it on the torso so it can swing from a sheath or something, have you done that?

I have done something like that when rigging a gun. So first you are going to need an invisible part called BodyAttach, and you’ll need to have all the parts welded to it (also put it where the handle is). Then, attach the BodyAttach part to the torso via a Motor6D(So, Part0-Torso, Part1-BodyAttach). And after that, just make sure you anchored everything!

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Thank you soooo much!
I’ll animate it :smiley:

Really good! Only critism is to try out other easing.

The animation could use more what is it called organic or smoother movement I’m not sure anymore

Train with easyings, they will help you.