[First Time] Vector Art Icon

Since I don’t want the old group logo for my group I decided to make a new one for my group.
with my bad logo skills

Here it is.



This should probably go in Creations if you are not looking for support.

But it looks really good! The contrast could definitely use work to make the person more vibrant and make the text pop out, but other than those, it’s just a simple group icon

Anyways thanks.

I rearranged it to this


The text doesn’t seem to be centred. Which kind of annoys me.

I feel the text colour blends too much with the stripe colour of the background

The icons could be made less flat.

Other than that, this is a good icon considering you think you have “bad logo skills”.

The logo looks good. The background stripes in the background is a little distracting especially when the text “CLORES” is the same color.

I would either change

  • The colors of the text
  • The color of the background
  • Make the background a solid and different color

Hello @bacionhairmanfur2. I recommend you to make the middle vector a bit smaller, move the font more up, add a white outline to the vectors. If you need help with looking for good fonts, you can go to dafont.com. You can search up for a font, and test it. Have a nice day.

  • Dxiien