Fit my Menu/Guis to all devices

Hi, well in my game I am making a Menu but I have been having a big problem and that is that all the Guis are very badly adapted for all the devices I have tried to see the tutorial and plugins but nothing works, even on my PC they look bad while the I am adding they look good but when testing they are all messed up some Tips or solutions for this?

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Try the following:

  1. Change all “offset” values under position and size in Gui objects (e.g. text label, buttons, frames) to “0” and use “scale” property instead.

  2. Ensure that your TextLabels have TextWrapped set to true, and TextScaled is set to true

  3. If you have images in your gui, try playing around with SizeConstraint and ScaleType properties, it may help the situation.

  4. You can also try AutoScale Lite - Roblox and see if it makes any difference


Ok so the first time I tried it and it looked better on the devices but it was very difficult to move and the guis got a little weird and about the plugin I tried that but it doesn’t work

Try using an UIAspectRatioConstraint, and adjust it to your liking as it helps to fit on other devices.

I tried but everything gets messed up…