Five Nights at Murjar's / COMENTS

Five Nights at Murjar’s es un juego de terror que se basa principalmente en un niño pequeño que tiene pesadillas, sin embargo, no descansa hasta llegar a las 6:00 a.m. para evitar morir, por lo que lleva una linterna que lo ayudará en la oscuridad de la noche, debe tenerse en cuenta que cada noche será más difícil, debes tener cuidado con la práctica, en resumen, ¡trata de sobrevivir a los monstruos y gana!
Con el tiempo se realizarán actualizaciones

Something that I really like is that it added the effects of the clock sounds and the atmosphere that gives it a darker and more sinister touch, also for example the fan in the image works just like the flashlight that was designed / the link will be shared later, since I need to make jumpscares, more sounds, and improvements to the house as decorations, by the way the clock will occasionally ring its bell
I await your criticism and suggestions
here the preview of the game

I tried many types of lighting and I think this was the one to make the game more terrifying, in a few words darker



Good work! Its looking like a very well-made horror game, and I see you got the concept from Five Nights at Freddy’s!
I really like the creepy eyes staring from the dark! It really made the game have a more creepier and scary-looking appearance which would really be appreciated by horror game lovers in the community.

Though might I suggest you make it more than 5 nights to make the player have a more tense experience in the game.
Overall, the quality of your work is very impressive and I hope you open this game!


Looks pretty cool! I’d definetely try it out / play it once it is released.

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Wow, have never seen a Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame on Roblox before.

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Sure, remember, old topic. :wink: Lol anyways thanks