Fix how my Inventory Ui looks

This is my current Ui


The green bar is health, the blue/purple bar is mana, the golden text is coins, and the compass is an actual compass.

what’s it missing?
what should I modify?


Here’s what it might look like on a user’s screen:

Looks nice and consistent. I’d make a coin image next to the yellow text so players know it’s for coins, and maybe have the health and mana text say something like “Health: 50%” and “Mana: 50%”, because that would further clarify what they’re for.

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alright, maybe I’ve just been staring at it for too long

Something like that:

Pixel Gui

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that’s an interesting idea

I think I’m going to do something like this though, and maybe have the character’s RP name up there

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That last post of yours is a good improvement! I like that one.
I see your style is to go for a bit pixelated pictures.
However… the compass bothers me a bit. It looks like it could be higher quality…
But maybe that is barely noticable when its small in the players screen.

Does the compass really work?!
Amazing :slight_smile:

yea the compass actually works

I think the resolution doesn’t look bad in-game, it’s just scaled up

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I love your GUI,

Still I say the compass needs a bit more quality. (The actual pictures)
Even if you make the compas a bit bigger… it will still suit your Gui.

If this was my Gui I would probably make the compas bigger so that it does not even fit in the lines anymore. Sometimes it looks good if it goed behound the borders.

But really good work! thanks for sharing your work with us. I love to see what people make.

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I don’t think the compass looks as good when it’s big
I’ll look into making the resolution of the compass a little higher though

yo actually, it looks alright if you shift everything to the right

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compas idea

I ment it more like this. But idk if that is what you like.

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it looks actually good in this picture indeed

Beware though…

I am not a really good Gui maker…
But I always avoid my Gui being Right or left in the corners…
Because phone users get the control Gui’s there

I might put it on the top right, that way it’ll look less like a minecraft clone
this game isn’t going to be optimized for mobile any time soon

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