Fix Missing and Obscure Articles on the Developer Page

Ever since the switch from the old Wiki to the new Developer page, it seems like the API-reference was set aside for a design appealing to younger audience. A lot of articles are missing, incomplete or without an easy access due to the lack of a usable class tree, so I’m not even surprised that a lot of really useful features are only present in a handful of projects. The only way to somehow get an insight into which properties they inherit is to use 3rd party API references.

An interesting thing is that some of these articles are present when you search them up, as in you can see their beginning, so they are present somewhere on the servers.

Plugin widgets are an amazing feature which is mostly present only in the built-in plugins. The API reference is almost non-existent with the CreateDockWidgetPluginGui being the only article to even vaguely explaining how to create one. No explanation on what the DockWidgetPluginGui or the arguments are.

Some important missing articles:

  • DockWidgetPluginGui
  • DockWidgetPluginGuiInfo
  • NumberSequence - Don’t know if this is a bug since I can clearly remember this article as well as the next 2
  • NumberSequenceKeypoint
  • PathWaypoint
  • Region3int16 - Required for Terrain:CopyRegion()
  • userdata
  • __namecall in metamethods

Some less important missing articles:

  • Rect
  • Vector2int16

Please help me to complete this topic by listing some articles that are missing.


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