Fix the Featured Games sort

The front page slots of Featured bring a ton of publicity. From what I’ve observed, it’s about 10 times as much as being on Featured but not being on the front page. As of now, not all games on Featured are being given time on the front page. For the past two weeks, it’s been the same games on the front page slot. The only thing that shuffles every few hours is the order of these games. Sometimes games stay for multiple weeks and sometimes games stay for only a day or two before being taken off the front. So obviously random shuffling isn’t happening. It would be nice to know why there isn’t random shuffling. It would be even better to have it implemented.


I think it is true ‘random’ shuffling where there isn’t a guarantee that each will be shown on the front page for an equal amount of time.

My game has been switching between all the pages.

Our game was near the end of the sort for the first week or so bug it shuffled to the front and then back. It’s been going back and forth. I don’t think it’s broken or anything.

I’ve been monitoring the sort for weeks now. Games like Space Miners, Valor, Miner’s Haven, and Sound Volblox have had an extremely disproportionate amount of time on the front. It’s almost certainly not random.

Keep it mind it’s different again when you click see all, so are you talking about the initial sorting on the games page? Or when you click see all?

Games page

It looks like the sort just shuffled. However, all the games that are on it now have been on it before. There are still games that haven’t had any time on it.

It certainly wasn’t shuffling very well during the BLOXY sort (the last one), my game and Roses (both of which were initially left out of the BLOXY sort but added after the fact) sat at the bottom of the list pretty much for the entire duration of that sort.

Here’s a question…

How do you determine “efficient” shuffling? Are we willing to manipulate positions to make it more “efficient” OR more “fair”?

Why does efficiency OR fairness matter to you?

Last Featured sort my game was on the last page for the entire time. And on the Featured before that it was on the front for the whole time.

It needs to be shuffled more evenly, yeah.

Mine has yet to be one of the first 10 games. When you go on the full page, it may show up near the top, but it never does on the front page.

I’ve suggested before that the featured sort should every few hours move a game up the line, and the #1 game goes to the back. Like a conveyor belt.


I don’t know what you mean by efficient. I’m arguing for fairness. Fairness can be measured by how uniform the distribution of how much time each game on Featured gets to be on the Games page is. Fairness matters to me because my own game is on Featured and hasn’t had time on the Games page while other games have had weeks on the Games page. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem.

A great way to maximize fairness is the conveyor thing alexnewtron just mentioned.

Yeah alex’s idea is a good idea.
I was mostly responding to @TwentyTwoPilots

It certainly wasn’t shuffling very well…

Which is funny to me because a shuffle is a shuffle :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got some weird error and it’s showing me the games that have always appeared first on the Games page for the past week or two. Notice how these games aren’t necessarily first on the normal Featured page.

Normal featured page:

Current Games page Featued tab:

Now if you’ve been checking the Featured sort multiple times a day for the past week or two, you might have noticed that the games that aren’t in the first picture have always come after the games in the first picture in some random order. The Featured tab on the Games page is ordered like this:

  1. Games in the first picture in the order in which they appear on the Featured page
  2. All the other games in a random order.

There’s a set of games to appear first on the Games page and a set of games to appear after. That’s certain, whether these sets are hand-picked or caused by some kind of bug. Some games have hopped between sets such as Space Miners, Life of an Otaku, Freeze Tag, and Rollernauts. Some games have always stayed in their current set such as Ultimate Boxing and SOUND VOLBLOX 2. The creators of these games can attest to this.

I don’t know what Roblox is doing with its Featured sort but it’s absolute garbage in terms of fairness. It’s very possible that fairness isn’t their endgoal. Could we just get a member on the staff to come into this thread and tell us how the Featured tab on the Games page works?

It’s still busted. I’ve been seeing the same games on the first row of featured in the main games page for a month now. Have never seen mines(yeah I’m salty, I’d like my fair turn on the front page too). Can this be fixed? It was working some months ago,

ya im usually around #6 and #3 last in the game page

i agree with mr alex

Our game has been hovering in the last few positions since we got it featured almost two months ago. But when you go to the actual expanded sort, it has a completely different position.

This is our game highlighted at the very last page on the game page:

This is our game highlighted near the front on the expanded featured page:

There’s definitely something up here. We don’t necessarily need the featured page anymore, but small games on featured may want the publicity of the front page but can’t because of this glitch.

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