Fix this .fbx rig, get 500R$

About The Job

We are looking for someone that can fix the animations on this .fbx we purchased on another website. We’ve tried everything we could think of in blender but still have no idea how to fix it. Here is what we are struggling with:

Basically the rig imports perfectly, but the animations are flipped at a 90 degree angle. In all honesty it’s possible this is just a blender issue so if you have another editing platform feel free to try it in that.


  • You must explain how you fixed it
  • Your solution must not cause other issues with the .fbx
  • You must keep in contact


  • You will receive 500R$ for completing this commission
  • Robux are paid via Roblox Gift Card or T-Shirt, you also have the option to receive payment in USD through cashapp, venmo, amazon gift card or whatever payment provider you’d like.

Note: We do not pay for partial completion

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum. Before reaching out make sure to::

  • Provide a name (or nickname) we can refer to you by
  • Confirm the studio you use to edit .fbx (blender, cinema, maya etc.)
  • Add a link to your portfolio (If you have one)

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