Fixed - Animation editor rig warning rendering studio window unusable (repro)

this has been fixed

When the included rig is opened in the Animation Editor I receive an unspecified warning which renders studio unusable. Once this warning appears there is no way to close it or studio except for ending studio manually in task manager. This only occurs when the “Automatic Save” KeyFrameSequence is inside the rig’s “AnimSaves” Folder.

This happens 100% of the time. To reproduce this bug:

  1. Edit Rig repro - Roblox
  2. Open the included rig in the animation editor

The rig was only given to me to review the animations so I can’t speak as to what was done to cause this. If it helps, the Animation Editor shows a “IK constraint has been removed from Dummy joints.” message just beforehand.

I’m using Windows 10 with Roblox Studio version 0.380.0.293626 (64bit).


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