[FIXED] [Big problem] Studio Server crashes

This happens for me, but I also found someone else on the IRC who has this problem too. This bug occured in after updating roblox to the latest version. What happens? Test -> Server crashes.

Does it happen 100% of the time? Yes.
Steps to reproduce the bug? Yeah, I also found the cause. If you enter the 3D world with your mouse (in the Server window) the game crashes.
Where it happens? Normal studio. I don’t know if it’s on gametest too.
Level-specific? Nope, happens to all my places who could test on server before the last update.
Screenshots are not necessary. I get a window which says that roblox has to quit, after entering my mouse in the 3D world.
Special specs? Not necessary I think, as it happens for more people.
When the bug started happening? Since last update.

TEMPORARY FIX: Open a script screen, and never switch back to the 3D window

Seems to be OK for me, I’m on production studio.

It might be something to do with specs after all.

Can’t find anything in logfiles.

Quick update: this is caused by having GUI in Test Server, which is very common thing to do for plugins.

We’re actively working on a fix, will ship patch today or tomorrow at most.
Meantime, the only workaround is to not use plugins which create GUI by default.

Should be fixed now. Jobro, thanks again for your help on this.

I’m happy that you guys fixed this so fast, so thank you!