[Fixed!] Humanoids in PGSPhysics fail to get up after being CFramed

I’ve noticed that whenever the player model is angled at a near-horizontal angle, the character falls but cannot get up. Occasionally, the character does try to get up, but ends up being flung and killed. This is pretty annoying when you have to angle the character.

Repro place


		c.Torso.CFrame = c.Torso.CFrame*CFrame.Angles(90,0,0)
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Also, it seems like the bug not only happens when the character is CFramed, but also when the character is forcefully pushed over.

Also, this bugged state can be escaped by making the player sit, then making the player jump.

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We’ll have a look at this!

I had a look at it and just submitted a fix. It should roll out some time soon.

Turns out copy-pasting code is a risk.