[FIXED] I need help creating instance sound to childrens. [SERVER SPEAKER]

I’m not that pro in scripting, can someone help. My objective is to make a server speaker music.

My first error is sound created in just one sound part instead of four.

My second error is after playing two music it’s stop, I don’t know how do I loop this everytime music ended.

local musicList = {1846669558, 1841488840, 903893442, 1837917934}
local currentTrack = 1
local sound = nil

local function playMusic()
	sound = Instance.new("Sound")
	sound.Name = "SoundControl"
	sound.Parent = game.Workspace.SpeakersControl.Speakers.SoundPart
	sound.Volume = 1
	sound.Playing = true
	sound.SoundId = "rbxassetid://"..musicList[currentTrack]

		currentTrack = currentTrack + 1
		if currentTrack > #musicList then
			currentTrack = 1

playMusic() -- play the music initially
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To get the sound to come out of more than one part, I think you’ll need to use the new Audio Beta:

I don’t know why your loop stops after 2 songs, it looks right at first glance, I didn’t test it in studio.

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