Flamé: Staff Expectations

As a team member of Flamé you are required to follow these set of expectations. These can change at any time. Failure to follow these will result in a punishment

1st offense - Warning
2nd offense - Suspension
3rd offense - Removal from staff team

  • You are to always treat customers as the number one priority.

  • All ranks above and below you are to be treated with respect.

  • We are a family,help your fellow staffs when in need.

  • Ask customers how you can improve.

  • Don’t take other people’s promotions personally, they deserved it.

  • HR’s verdicts are the final verdicts, arguing will only make it worse.

  • Never beg for a promotion.

  • Issued uniforms are to be worn at all times on duty.

  • When off duty, grammar is required.

  • Grammar is required in all customer communication chats.

  • Any higher rank has authority over you.

  • No making fun of anybody’s racial background, gender identity, homosexuality, religion, or any other life styles.

  • Swearing and NSFW is strictly prohibited.

  • No trolling or spamming.

  • This is a Roblox group! Have fun and don’t be too serious! (:

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