Flash Point / A map with cool shading

Hello guys, :slight_smile:
this time I’ll show you an very cool project called Flash Point, by Superalpacaman.

This is a FPS with a very cool laser that bounce on surfaces like a laser sight on mirrors.
Try the laser here. The game is almost ready to be playable so just wait few weeks or less… or more IDK yet. :shocked:

Also for the second part I’ll show you one of my creations, a map for that truly awesome game!
I called it Archipelago. :durrr: :durrr:
I took some screenshots to show you what I did !!
And if you want to play clic this > link <

Ok guys that’s all, I hope you liked it, and if you are interested don’t miss the links in blue and try it by yourself thats better!!


That is an astounding-looking map. The building style I have never seen before, and if others haven’t either, it will make the game instantly recognizable whenever this style is seen. The build style, props, and lighting settings all contribute to the atmosphere of the map. Nobody shall mistake the setting for anything other than a previously-volcanic tropical archipelago set in the future, and that’s awesome that you’ve crafted the environment in this way.

You’re my new role model for building with this map.

The map looks fantastic and the creative use of lighting is really cool. If I recall your setting the fog color to some value to get the Posterized effect and I really like how it looks as if the water is reflecting blue onto everything in contrast to the warm colors of the light on the top surfaces… A really unique look you’ve got going.

The guns themselves are interesting, I wonder how they would preform in a full game. I look forward to this projects completion. c:

I’ve seen your stream earlier today and Woah you’ve built it fast. Props on figuring out an efficient building style/pattern. I love the idea of creating simple terrain models and then putting together the terrain using that.

Good job.

Yeah I built it fast in less than 6 hours… I suprised myself x)

That’s a really pretty map, and I love the shading. I saw your post about that a while back and have been wanting to make a neat cartoon style world for some time now! Maybe after all of these projects!

Nice build!

Looks like we can give up on roblox now. We all lost. This guy won. It’s all over.