Flashlight script not working?

Hello! So I am making a localscript for a flashlight and I want a limit on it. I scripted it but none of the values are working and all it does it just turn on but doesnt do anything with the vaubles?


local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local character = player.Character
local FlashlightBattery = script:WaitForChild("FlashlightBattery")
local FlashlightOn = script:WaitForChild("FlashlightOn")
local Flashlight = script.Parent

local UserinputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")

	if input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.F then
		if FlashlightBattery.Value < 10 then
			while FlashlightOn.Value == "Off" do
					FlashlightBattery.Value = FlashlightBattery.Value - 1
					FlashlightOn.Value = "On"
					Flashlight.Front.SurfaceLight.Enabled = true
					Flashlight.Light.Light.Enabled = true
					Flashlight.Light.Shadow.Enabled = true
					if FlashlightBattery.Value == 0 then
						FlashlightOn.Value = "Off"
					while FlashlightOn.Value == "On" do
						FlashlightBattery.Value = 	FlashlightBattery.Value + 1
						FlashlightOn.Value = "Off"
						Flashlight.Front.SurfaceLight.Enabled = false
						Flashlight.Light.Light.Enabled = false
				Flashlight.Light.Shadow.Enabled = false

Which variables don’t work, and what do they need to achieve/do?

I have a 2 values called Flashlight battery and flashlight on whitch checks if flashlight is on and off

You dont need to do that:
For Example:

Light.Enabled = not Light.Enabled

Do you know what state those values are in when they stop working, like what values?

Also do you have an IF statement that when the f key is pressed the flashlight turns off?


Maybe try these suggestions?

The “If” would be better off as a while.

The “while” would be better off as an if.

And what do you mean it doesn’t do anything with the values?

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