Flee The Facility - Change Log [11/20/23]

Bug Fixes, New Map Selection, and Updating UI

I’m still working on the Halloween event to get it out soon. I had to quickly rush out this bug fix update, because roblox will be testing out new In-Experience Controls starting today. This new roblox feature includes a bigger top bar menu icon, so I had to adjust most of my ui to make sure this roblox update doesn’t break the game. The other changes here I had ready to go, so I’m throwing them in here too.


  • Adjusted ui to work with Roblox’s new mobile screen layout and upcoming top bar menu icons.
  • Added PlayStation button icons to ui.
  • Fixed bug with xbox/playstation controllers where the camera would not zoom with R3.
  • Fixed map selection bug where the previous map is played if no one votes.
  • New map selection algorithm. With so many maps in the game, you can sometimes get stuck repeating the same few maps or waiting forever for your favorite. This new map selection algorithm aims to show every map equally over time. The map selection options will randomly cycle through every map before repeating maps. Similar to how Tetris pieces are picked. Imagine a bag with all of the maps shaken up inside it. Then the game will pull out 4 maps to choose from. Then on the next round it pulls out 4 different maps. So on and so forth until the bag is empty. At that point, the maps are put back in the bag and shaken up again. Then repeat from the start. There will be times where the same map can appear back-to-back before and after a shuffle, but the algorithm will balance it out by not showing that map for a while after the back-to-back.
  • Fixed a bug where the beast could hit survivors through the ceiling or thin walls.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the lighting and fog doesn’t load in when you quickly join the game as a round starts.
  • Removed Lootbloc Halloween bag ad
  • Removed uncrawl above clearance check. Now you can uncrawl whenever.

[11/22/23] Quick fixes to the bug fix update

  • Reverted a fix that stopped the beast from hitting through thin walls and ceilings. To many issues came up with this fix right now, so I will try to fix it on a later update.
  • Due to player feedback, this bug is now a feature. You can now repeat the previous map if no-one votes.
  • Survivors get escape credits/xp when the beast leaves and the only task left to do is to open the exits.