Flesh Rules/Highlights

If your account has been banned from Flesh here is what you can do to appeal/unban your account.

  1. Message XxScottieBoixX on twitter, showing a screenshot of the ban message and why you should be unbanned, please message respectfully. If you respond in a aggressive tone then your account will stay banned.

  2. Message XxScottieBoixX on roblox in a detailed way why you got banned and a reason you shouldn’t be banned.

If you tend to keep doing things that is against the rules then your account will be permanently banned from the game.


  1. Swearing will get your account banned and not unbanned

  2. Talking about bad things about the game will get you banned

  3. Bad comments will get you banned.

  4. No claiming that the game is “unfair” or “dumb”, that can get your own account permanently banned.

  5. Do not say descriptive agony on the game logics.

  6. NO PLAYER SHALL TALK NEGATIVELY ABOUT THE OWN GAME. The game isn’t about talking balky about it, the purpose of the game is to fight zombies.

Any rule breaking of those are against the games TOS.

Important notes:

If you wish to report a player, only message me on twitter with screenshots of rule breaking. I do not respond to messages on roblox because there would be no way to prove bad behavior.

Any important suggestions/ideas should only be messaged on roblox. I will not respond to ideas or suggestions on twitter.

If you don’t do those two things on the correct platform you will get blocked.

One last thing:

Make sure that everything should be right. Even if its on the wrong platform your message won’t have a response.

Play flesh here: https://www.roblox.com/games/4771740157/Flesh-2-2

Join the flesh group here: https://www.roblox.com/groups/5957299/Flesh-Community#!/about