Flightpoint Update Log

Update Log

More updates and editions will be listed here than in game.

Weekday Updates Oct/12-13


  • Fixed streamer mode playerlist bug.
  • Fixed flight mode mobile issues.
  • Airport construction progress!
  • Added decorative hot air balloons.
  • Added the ability to quick-delete giant block selections up to 1000.
  • Changed the tutorial button to have text.
  • Removed to the ability to delete the entire plot with whitelist permissions.
Weekend Update Oct 9
  • Changed the block selection limit 50 → 1000.
  • Added drag selection (LeftShift + configure tool).
  • Fixed the rocket engine plume spelling mistake.
  • Internal changes.
Weekend Update Oct 7
  • Changed the tweening system inside the client framework.
  • Added a new rocket engine model with optimized configurations
  • Added invisibility configurations to compact thrusters.
  • Added Color3 support to the configuring system.
  • Changed the games lighting technology to future.
  • Added loading screen images.
  • Added half balls
  • Backend optimizations.
Weekday Updates Oct/1-6


  • Made Improvements to the current advanced shapes placer.


  • Added a custom grid setting to the advanced shapes placer.


  • Disabled collision in camera blocks.
  • Rockets + other thruster blocks are now fixed and improved.
  • Changed some stats around in wing panels.