Flipside Demo #1: Double Jump Mechanic

Hello all! I’ve been currently working on a new game called Flipside, and have just created a new double jump mechanic! If you could give some feedback on any part of it, that would be great, thanks!
-TaboDev :happy2:

(P.S. Had sensitivity up really high, so looks a bit off)


I think it must be converted into an mp4.

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You could upload it to youtube then link it here :wink:

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Use Gyazo for short clips, it works fine for a lot of people. People also don’t like downloading random files from the internet, so Gyazo is pretty much perfect for this.

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How do you pick the exact area on the screen where you want to record with Gyazo?

Quite simple, actually.

  • Select gif recorder By search bar or keybinds,
  • After that, it will make your screen grey-ish and you can select it.
  • Record and Boom! You have yourself a nice gif!
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