Flowers Gymnastics Rules

Hello, welcome to the Flowers Gymnastics DevForum for newly and staff candidates. We’re recruiting member so we’re expecting the best of you!

Our staff divisions are divided into basic and advanced personnel, the basic one being Helper’s better known as assistant. These are the advanced ones: Security and instructor but they will be divided security by one and instructor with the basic rules but they will be added even more for it.

Basic Instructor/Helper Rules:

  • They are not allowed to do Admin Abuse because if any security personnel like an HR gets caught they will be finished.

  • They are not allowed to troll any gymnast.

  • They are not allowed to contradict HR staff.

  • Corruption and toxicity between users is prohibited.

  • They must give common respect to other players.

  • Use your common sense or punishment will be given. (ALL RANKS).

Advanced Security Rules:

  • Always use grammar.

  • Respect the director.

  • Do not use AA commands for example: :explode / :nuke / etc.

  • They are not allowed to kick a user without reason that is considered as AA.

  • Be professional at all times.

  • Do not be toxic or corrupt that will result in punishment or suspension.

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