Fluency Icon Library - Smooth Outline Icons [1.7K Icons!]

I used that account for Safety Purposes. Moderations can be a mess and I literally got that account banned for like 5 times already :skull::sob:


i know, you are using that account to evade the bans in your main account

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and to maintain cleanliness to my main’s inventory :sunglasses:


It’s finally time I use this icon library. Thanks for this!

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Version 5.0! :bell::loudspeaker::confetti_ball:

In version 5.0 accessibility is easier and visual;

  • Scroll Bars thickens when hovered so grabbing those Scroll Bars will be easier! :fist:

Unhovered: Hovered:
image image

  • Terms is right at the top! These terms have the most icon results! :art:

  • 3D Icons Style Type is the new style arrived in 5.0

[This is a beta feature, number of icons is lessen]

and that’s it! Update your plugin to experience these features! :jigsaw::sparkling_heart:

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I am now using them in my plugins (they’re open sourced so please find the icons :wink: )

nicee and thanks! 🩷 What plugin is it exactly? Is it unreleased?

This is one of the best icon plugins ever made without a doubt, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to update for me as Roblox Studio keeps returning this error below, might be a roblox issue tho.


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That’s unfortunate! Inform me when you get the plugin working! :sunglasses:

got it to work lol, it was because i forgot i had a vpn on

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