FlyBristol Ticketing Review January 2018

Ticketing Review 2018

Since introducing the “valid for one flight” ticketing system, we have been approached by many customers asking if it’s possible to purchase a ticket that entitles them to fly multiple flights on one ticket.

Before introducing a drastic change to ticketing like the last time we did, we want to run it by our community first to get their thoughts.


A passenger can purchase a ticket at the airport. They are able to have the choice between 1 flight, 5 flights, 10 flight tickets. Buying in bulk reduces the per-flight cost. The ticket will be valid for the number of flights they have purchased and the number of flights remaining will be deducted once they have checked-in.


The current pricing is:

Clifton Class 1 flight: 50R$
Brunel Plus 1 flight: 25R$

The new pricing will be*:

Clifton Class 1 flight: 50R$ (50R$ per flight)
Brunel Plus 1 flight: 25R$ (25R$ per flight)
Clifton Class 5 flights: 200R$ (40R$ per flight)
Brunel Plus 5 flights: 100R$ (20R$ per flight)
Clifton Class 10 flights: 330R$ (33R$ per flight)
Brunel Plus 10 flights: 180R$ (18R$ per flight)

*Subject to change.


Please express your votes here of what we should do.

  • Keep current system.
  • Adopt new system.

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Thank you.


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