Flykutos Drama - My side

Alright, recently, FlyKutos has made a very bad move on their part, and I want to talk about it and elaborate.

Anyway, at 5:10 PM EST, twixced announced all classes would be expiring.
I was confused. When I bought it a year or shorter ago, it said never expires. I opened a ticket and got zero info.

The reason was that most exploiters have FC or INV, and honestly, that is no reason to. UINV won’t expire and they are too good to be scammed, but moving on.

My opinion is: wtf FlyKutos, you messed up. They should’ve listed in the game pass description, but they didn’t. If it was listed, I’d understand. They won’t give us a refund as apparently, its against their policy. I at least want 100 Robux or more as I paid 850 for that seat.

I’m at least lucky as some people bought it today, but ya know, they won’t let them keep it.

I want at least this to happen:

-Use the Robux to buy an anti-exploit
-Donate it to charity
-Give everyone 25-50% of the price back
-Give us all money back.

They also said it was overbooking which, true, is a valid reason, but most of the time I get an FC seat and almost always find an INV suite open.

I will stay but NEVER buy another ticket again. I had to fight FlightHub for 3 months to get 10,000 dollars back, and I will fight FlyKutos for a month to get my money back.

In some countries, 5 or 10 dollars is a fortune. Like Uhm, I can’t name any, but probably a few poor countries.

So, maybe let the UINV tickets expire so they can feel my pain? I don’t know, ask Vsauce.

Edit: Because FlyKutos staff are attacking me for this post, let me say: