Foldeneye v1.5 Update Changelog

FPS game (2019) Gun Kit
Inspired by Goldeneye Source

FOLDENEYE 1.5 UPDATE (4/1/2024)
Wanna give a thanks to the people who thought this seemed fun and all, so here’s another fairly major update! I hope the next update will feature a new map and more new content!!


  • Added shell case ejecting for the PP7, KF7, Sniper, Shotgun and Magnum. As well as sound effects!

  • Added a new mechanic! You can now dash your way into / out of certain situations or jumping larger gaps (with a new spinning animation). In addition to this, a charge bar is added to your status UI that auto regenerates (you can also gain charge by defeating an enemy). You can only use dash if you have full charge. Guess we got super ninja spies in the house!

  • While no one asked for it, the game used to have a music visualizer at its first release behind the chat UI. This has been added and also cycles through colors! Optionally, you can click on it to enable or disable it (make sure to unequip your weapons before clicking).

  • Wrote a simple measure to push back the player’s view model if against the wall (may still clip depending on the weapon).

  • Updated the radar UI to track other players that are above or below you (this can be useful depending on the floor you are).

  • Glass can now break with bullets . In addition to this, there are now seperate hit effects and sounds for glass!


  • Updated the facility map with new details, expansion, updated sound quality, few collide-able props, spaced some rooms, and fixed some gaps. Additionally, two new tracks have been added!

  • Added a weapon detector alarm in Facility. Exposes the player on radar for 8 seconds.

  • Shutter UI around sides.

  • Elevator music?

  • Adjustments to gravity.

  • The Cougar Magnum and Golden Gun have been redesigned.

  • Added a highlight to pickups such as Ammo, bomb crates, and vests.

  • Added a graphic level measure to lower exposure depending on how low your graphics are. Because for some reason, having low graphics in a Future lit game can make the game way brighter than intended (this may not work correctly with “Automatic”).

  • Increased weapon equipping cooldown a bit.

  • Scaled down the Sniper and Shotgun a bit (also made some slight configuration).

  • Slight buff to Slappers damage and swing rate.

  • Added a bolt animation to PP7 and reduced reload time slightly.

  • Added a small recoil effect on most weapons.

  • Added particles when picking up bomb crates. As well as a new sound effect.

  • Added flashing red vignette when in low health. As well as a heart beating sound effect.

  • Changes to skybox again.

  • Increased RPG blast radius a bit.

  • You can right click the Volume button for instant mute.

  • Colored and added tip flashing on the Ui when joining the game, as well as a sound effect. In addtion, the missing tip for displaying the status has been added.

  • Increased Throwing Knife speed and reload time (with sound updates).

  • Added a little Tick sound when you chat.

  • Adjusted the MaxForce velocity of the player’s jumping (may be subject to change again).

  • Added character flinching animations whenever players take damage (without armor).

  • Decreased time of the player’s exposure on radar by 2 seconds (when running).

  • Added an info message to announce what kill streak players currently have.

  • Minor adjustments to kill UI feedback and added one second to kill combo.

  • Slight chance increase for vest to spawn.

  • Adjustments to bullet hit sounds with pitch randomize and an additional hit sound effect.

  • Update to weapon firing sounds for PP7, KF7 and Magnum.

  • Sound update to ammo boxes.

  • Significant adjustments to hit effects and new particles.

  • Adjustments to the muzzle light on weapons to be less yellow.

  • Adjustments to blood particles, as well as new sounds.

  • Added some kill effects and splatter depending on the target’s location.

  • Adjusted sound tracks to shuffle.


  • Weapon firing sounds should play in the center of the screen, instead of the right.

  • Fixed and made some tweaks to fall damage.

  • Fixed shell casings colliding on the player.

  • Fixed the incorrect RPG ammo UI texture.

  • Fixed the viewmodel arms using incorrect body color.

  • Fixed getting stuck in place when trying to dash while wearing a vest.

  • Adjusted kill boundaries on the Facility map that trigger when running/dashing against some walls.

  • Body packages are set to default when a player spawns, heads are not affected (this one kinda sucks, but as of right now, the game currently doesn’t properly support any other body packages and sometimes have a chance of causing errors).

  • Fixed weapons not shooting if its phased through a player.

  • Fixed reload sound not playing on server side.

  • Attempted to fix clipping through walls when dashing against them. This isn’t fixed 100% but its much harder to clip through.

  • Removed camera shift lock and limited camera zoom distance.

  • Bullet holes now properly stick to walls, props and doors.

  • Fixed some viewmodel errors and footstep sound duplicating if player doesn’t have a default body.

FOLDENEYE 1.4 UPDATE (3/20/2024)
Wow its finally here, the major update I was talking about. Sorry for the long wait though, I was actively working on it but I started getting slower and slower on development. Other features I may have mentioned for this update will be held until the next one later, because I had to wrap up this update eventually with whatever I made so far.


  • Armor Vests! You can find armor vests laying around the map, this recovers your health along with extra more health. However, your health will not regenerate if your health is above your normal maximum health.
  • Sound activated Radar , like from Source (sort of)! You can toggle it by holding your status key (Q). It tracks nearby players who make noise by either walking too fast or shooting unsilenced weapons. If your radar has a red circle around it, that means you made enough noise and can be tracked by other players.
  • A new weapon crate that can contain one out of a new arsenal with explosives, one crate can spawn somewhere on the map. As for the new arsenal, keep reading below!
  • You can also Walk Slowly by holding the Shift key, this will make less footstep sounds and it will lower your rates of being tracked by radar. In addition, crouching won’t make any footstep sounds at all.
  • New ragdoll system with new body impact sounds… like from source (originally from my unfinished game “Quit it, Slender!”).
  • New Footstep material sound system ! Including climbing sounds! (Also from my slender game.)
  • The Slappers have been remade to deliver instant and very fast swings and new sounds. You can go crazy with it and start slapping quick! (Melee kit has been removed from the game).
  • The big boy, which was only around the time Foldeneye released, the Rocket Launcher is finally back and has a new place within the explosive arsenal (though it’s the only one at the moment), which means it can only be obtained in a crate if you get lucky (It was often mentioned as unbalanced because you were able to eventually spawn with it, leading to a lot of players often using the Rocket Launcher, it was then wiped out of the game completely). In an attempt to balance, the rocket launcher is not refill-able, which means it will disappear out of your inventory once you run out of ammo.
  • New Ui Kill point feedback , as well as a Kill streak (though this may be unfinished).
  • Reworked the game’s music system. In addition to this, one track was replaced, and a new one was added for the Facility map. The system can also support multiple soundtracks depending on the map (although Facility is still the only map in this update).


  • The entire game has been transformed from R6 to R15 (With R6 Similarities). All of the features had to be ported over, revised, optimized, and reworked for R15 Capability. Some effort had to be pulled over, but it should feel the same as always.
  • Because of the huge change above, all animations of the weapons had to be remade.
  • New crosshair when free aiming with the weapons.
  • The Ammo box model has been remade with sound changes.
  • Stat changes to PP7.
  • The KF7 has gotten a redesign with stat changes.
  • The Sniper Rifle has been redesigned.
  • The Throwing Knife has gotten a redesign and stat changes. In addition, throwing the knives will create a new knife projectile with animations and will collide against an object you threw at.
  • The weapons have new icon tools.
  • New UI sound effects and some replaced.
  • Redesigned ammo GUI for the weapons.
  • New death animation with more effects and more animated blood frames flowing down.
  • Very slow bob movement when idle (Similar when idling in the actual game).
  • Camera will not bob when climbing.
  • Jumping/Falling locks the velocity on your body in the direction you’re facing (sort of).
  • You can see your 2.0 view-model Legs in first person.
  • Weapons will not auto reload after running out of ammo , you must press the reload button. In addition, weapons can make empty clip noises when trying to fire with no ammo left.
  • Ammo boxes will only refill ammo, but not your current magazine . You must reload after acquiring more ammo for your weapon.
  • Small gravity changes to the game.
  • Fall landing screen animations.
  • Small changes to Revolver, animations, and sounds.
  • Small changes to Shotgun, animations, and sounds.
  • Small changes to Golden Gun, animations, and sounds.
  • Camera View bob can now tilt depending on what side the player is strafing.
  • Minor adjustments to the Facility map.
  • New skybox.
  • Redesigned the music volume controller button , which is also now on the top left of your screen.


  • You can now free aim whenever you want to as long as your gun is equipped.
  • Aiming is no longer interrupted by reloading.
  • Bullet hit/player sounds weren’t always preloaded, causing a delay on playing sound.
  • You can no longer fire if your weapon if it’s phased through a wall.
  • Fixed character running and bob animations when they stand still after jumping forward.
  • Added a very small cooldown on tool equipping to prevent very fast tool cycling.
  • Fixed an overlaying issue with weapon equipping animations.
  • It should no longer be possible for a player to trip down due to excessive knockback from weapons like the Golden Gun, for example.
  • Camera View bob has been remade to no longer depend on framerate. It caused the animation to play faster if the FPS is above 60.

Foldeneye 1.3 Changelog:
Feeling a bit better, might update a few things with the game!

  • Added a new and recoded Health Bar UI like in the actual game, finally getting rid of the plain old health bar! This also includes an armor bar, although not functional since the game has no armor vest at the moment!
  • UI Image assets are always preloaded, preventing mostly the blood flowing down animation popping in when it begins a bit after most of the time
  • Added a view bob animation, a little whacky but its kind of cool!
  • Viewmodel arms are now 2.0 meshes, just to make them a little more thiner
  • Few changes to the UI and UI animations are more smoother, since they didn’t have tween
  • Made a few changes to the map lighting and some floor material
  • Improved firerate for Slappers, you can slap are little more faster now
  • Improved firerate for throwable knives, since reloading takes a bit to start
  • Fixed throwable knives not being able to refill ammo, it may not be visible if you run out of knives until you refill and reload again!
  • Mute button has been set to the lower left corner
  • Mute button is now a volume controller, click it a few times to decrease the volume until its muted or reset the music volume back to default!
  • Removed the Roblox Footstep script that was overlaying with the custom one

Foldeneye 1.2 Changelog:
After 5 years, a new update has been released!
It will probably be for another while, unless such demand exists. This game may have a messy old code and the gameplay may still remain repetitive, but its more modern and lively than it was before!

  • Added Free aim like in the actual game!!?? (About time too! This replaces the mouse lock toggle)
  • Added a simple UI kill point
  • Doors now use Proximity Prompts
  • The facility map is now more expandable (With more doors and alternate paths to other rooms)
  • Changed Lighting Technology to Future
  • Bunch of optimizations to the facility map and a few changes
  • Fixed the Player’s Footstep Sound effects
  • Fixed some of the game’s blocked audio
  • Removed old memes and jokes from the facility map
  • Removed Points stats from leaderboard
  • Removed Old Chat System and old bubble chat system (Which have been replaced with roblox’s newer ones)
  • Removed Admin pistol (They had higher stats than the silencer, not my idea so don’t blame me!)
  • Removed useless Loading Screen
  • Slight shotgun nerf stats (It spreads more and reloading is a bit slower, trust me it was a lot worse back then)
  • Fixed Top bar Player UI
  • Replaced ADONIS with a Property Admin System
  • And minor bug fixes!
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