Following development on Battery of Merville, 1944 [WIP]

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That’s the first content showcase I do on this forum. I think that it’s intersting to show you how my latest game’s evolution.

Battery of Merville was a german land battery located in Normandy, near the river Orne and the town of Merville-Franceville. If you can see some constructions appearing in 1941 as field guns open emplacements, the real starting year of this battery was in 1942, after an important decision was made by Berlin to reinforce positions all along the Atlantic. It’s the starting of the Atlantikwall. Built to defend coasts and for propaganda purposes, the atlantikwall had the reputation of being an insurmountable obstacle to any kind of landing, from the sea or by the airs.

Battery of Merville saw a bit development during years 42 and 43, building a command post (Regelbau 502, a troop bunker modified there as a command post) instead of building a regular fire control post; All fire angles were marked by code names and proper angle, such as Düsseldorf, a Lock at the entrance of the river Orne at the city of Ouistream, near Caen.

As many batteries (Crisbecq, Pointe-Du-Hoc, Longues…), Merville saw many air-raids on its region. Some of them were enough inaccurate to make the battery still very functional, or at least break some communication cables.

On the night of June the 6th, paratroopers were sent to Normandy in the order to prepare any landing from the seas. Near Pegasus bridge, some British troops were dropped over Normandy to take these strategic points. The battery of Merville was one of these points. After a small scale bombing over the battery, the 9th Parachute Battalion landed behind the battery (Part of the 6th Airborne Division, british). The 3rd Parachute brigade had the objective of taking the battery to the german 716th Infantry Division. A strong resistance was encountered, as a well defended battery caused a lot of casualties to this brigade. They attacked first from the command post to cut the ear of the whole battery, then all casemates with grenades.

On the morning of June, the 6th, the battery was shut down by these courageous people, showing sacrifice to permit a better landing on June the 6th. German troops took the battery back in the evening, and waiting for the morning of June, the 7th to handle both casemates 1 and 2 to shoot at the beaches, in the aim blocking the British logistic. The 3rd brigade came back to the battery to shut down the artillery again, on the middle day of June, the 7th.

Battery of Merville, known as WN01, in AOK7.

So, to start with the real topic, I’ll post there some pictures of what I made. First, I took a picture from Google Earth to make a realistic placement of every bunkers I made. Then I meshed everything on this map in order to reduce lags and to add more accurate design and shape to bunkers and decoration.

Let’s take a view of the battery in game…

As you can see, the lighting is a bit weak on my studio, but it’s in the order of reducing lags during editing. The map got shadowmap lighting configuration. Also, don’t worry. I’ll not keep the weird Google Earth terrain, it will come later.

This map include the following bunkers ;

  1. 1xR611 artillery casemate, for a 10cm LeFH 14/19(f) with a crewroom

  1. 1xR669 artillery casemate, for a 10cm LeFH 14/19(f)

  1. 2xR612 artillery casemate, for a 10cm LeFH 14/19(f)

  1. 4xOB Geschütze 10cm, for the same artillery… Early war, not used passed may 44.

  1. 2xVf7b SK ammunition bunker, with an extra room for shell preparation.

  1. 1xR501 Troop bunker

  1. 1xR502 Troop bunker turned into a command post

antenna and periscope

Troop side

Command post side

  1. FA brunnen, a concrete well shaft. (WIP)
  2. FA Küche, a kitchen with a 2cm Flak mounted on.(WIP)

Well. You can give advices, or post down a feedback. Sorry if the topic isn’t really easy to read, I tried with dopdown menues but it didn’t work around images. if you want some bunkers in your game, you may ask me to build you one and decorate it as you propose me a reasonable price.

Thanks for watching ! I’ll modify this topic in the future so it will be easier to read and complete the topic with images of project’s evolution !


Wow! This is really neat! I’ve never seen people try to make things based off of history from Google Maps before. :smiley:

Will you have functioning tools and weapons?

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Well, everything is history based. Even bunkers are the real one, and decoration inside is the real one. Maybe not the placement of the decoration, but eveything that is in are things that were commonly used in bunkers during the second world war.

Also, as terrain changed between 1944 and today, i’ll use 1944 aerial photographies to put the trenches on, antitank-trench, barbed wires…

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If there wasn’t a minimum character limit all I would say is :flushed:


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The level of detail on this build is awesome! You had to research everything, take inspiration from Google Maps, and build it all! I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much effort put into a build more than this! Kudos to you! :+1:


Working in real WW2 bunkers helps, espcially for props inside ! As I renovate a lot of those in Normandy, and the proximity with landing beaches, I have the access to all documentation I have. I visited it once. But as I made Pointe du Hoc, I base it on internet documentation, make researches in books I have and at the library, check for archives at the bundesarchiv in germany, and also visit those.


For weapons, uniforms and gears, it will come later, since it will be for my RP community, World at War.

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New things have been added to the game ! Some grass covering up bunkers, trenches, barbed wire around the battery and an anti tank trench.


yo, i like this, but i think you should change the intensity for the sculpting tool for blender for the concrete bunkers, although i like it!

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Yes, it could be a good thing, but that’s a bunch a sharp pebble texture I made out of a 3D model. Plus the fact that roblox don’t want more than 10K triangles… I wish they could grow it up to 20-25k. And they can, after all.

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i wish they would although, i think that would have to make a new era of roblox moderation with meshes, itd probably be overwhelming for their “reputable” moderation system

Flak Kitchen, a kitchen with a flak mounted on it.

Some trenches

The battery has been bombed, but NOT damaged.

I’m confused. Is that a literal kitchen with a gun on top of it? :laughing:

Yes. The kitched had a strong concrete roof, but they but the flak on the top of it. There are some sources that prove it. Keep in mind that the battery isn’t very well equiped in term of AA guns, and that the command post is right next to the “flak kitchen”. So the flak may protect it and the battery


Wow! They really didn’t want people messing with them while they cooked food! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, a fellow WWII builder. This is absolutely amazing in the terms of details, research, and historical placement.

Hey ! I made there good pics with full graphics on this map.