FollowUserId Nil when Friend is In Private Game Sever

I need to identify when someone clicks the join button, to join their friend, on the roblox main website or games menu on mobile.

I currently have hub server, to select game types and invite party members.
Then the player is moved to a private game server to play.


Is nil when a friend is in the game server, and the player joining gets forwarded to the public hub server.

local function onPlayerAdded(player)
	-- attempting to grab the follow user id
	local FollowedUserId = player.FollowUserId
	if player.FollowUserId ~= 0 and player.FollowUserId ~= nil then
		-- grabbing the player from the follow user id
		local FollowedToJoin = Players:GetPlayerByUserId(FollowedUserId)
		-- grabbing the player info in the current Games
		local PlayerInfo = MatchmakingService:GetPlayerInfo(FollowedToJoin)
		-- grabbing the freinds game id
		local PlayerToJoinsGame = MatchmakingService:GetRunningGame(PlayerInfo.code)
		SendChatMessageEvent:FireClient(player, "Found "..FollowedToJoin.Name.."'s Game")
		if PlayerToJoinsGame["joinable"] == false then
			SendChatMessageEvent:FireClient(FollowedToJoin.Name.."'s Game is Full!")
		if PlayerToJoinsGame["joinable"] == true then
			-- attempting to join the game server
			SendChatMessageEvent:FireClient(player, "Joining "..FollowedToJoin.Name.."'s Game!")
			local PlayerGui = player:WaitForChild("PlayerGui")
			local Loading = PlayerGui:WaitForChild("Loading")
			Loading.Enabled = true
			MatchmakingService:QueuePlayer(player, "Casual", "FreeforAll")
			Loading.Cancel.Visible = false

I was thinking that I could just make an invite screen from the game server, but I really don’t wanna break the Roblox official Join Friend Button. I need to get them to move through the hub server to smoothly join their friend in the game server.