FontFace Weight not changing

I am trying to make a main menu GUI and want the text to bold when hovered over, however the text’s fontface weight does not change.

My Code: (“Play” Refers to a TextButton Instance.)

	Tween(Play.ImageLabel, 0)
	Play.FontFace.Weight = Enum.FontWeight.ExtraBold

	Tween(Play.ImageLabel, 1)
	Play.FontFace.Weight = Enum.FontWeight.Regular  
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What is the font you’re using? Perhaps the font doesn’t have that weight available.

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Merriweather font, it looks like it bolds fine when you set it manually. (merriweather may not have ExtraBold but i also tried Bold and still doesnt work.)

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Have you tried adding print statements to your code?

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Yes, it doesn’t work still but I found a alternative, tweening the TextStrokeTransparency, I forgot about that property and it achieves a better effect than what i was aiming for.


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