[FOR HIRE] BarryYeeBenson (Builder)



Hello Everyone!

My username is BarryYeeBenson, and I have currently been building consistently for about a year now, and I feel ready to start taking more well paid and proper commissions.
I am mostly a modern styled builder, but I have done some other basic things before in the past.

As for my previous experience, I was a contributor to Dino Daycare V3 as an interior and model designer, by making small models such as Computers and Boxes in Studio. Not an awfully big contribution, but one I am still proud of. (I have had my credits removed, but I can give proof and reference) As well as this, I was the builder of Frizzed V8.5 whilst it was around, and now I am interested in expanding this portfolio even further!


Anything below 5,000 Robux will automatically be rejected, as it is my baseline price. Note that I do not accept USD or any other alternatives.

I am free to work on builds for around 1-3 hours a day at the most, but I like to accept one or two jobs at a time, to make sure I’m not overworking myself and can actually manage to produce good results without feeling the pressures of my outside life.

Anyways, I have some more links if you would like to preview some of my work, and consider hiring me. My discord information will be given upon request!

https://www.roblox.com/games/2598461449/BarryYeeBensons-Place-Number-55 (Exteriors Only)

https://www.roblox.com/games/2301960163/ROBLOX-Life-W-I-P (Interiors For Entertainment Buildings Only)

I hope you may consider hiring me in the future!