[For Hire] Game Testing Service

About Me

Hey! I am SpiralGaia, and I can give constructive feedback to your game. I know multiple possible-bugs in games, and would love to give suggestions/bug reports from a players point of view!


I can be payed in 2 ways. Robux, and Perks.

Robux, you can pay me, most amounts will do. I prefer to be paid on my constructive criticism, but a flat payout could be good too! You can choose the price, but don’t low ball me. Keep it fair.

In-Game perks could include pets, nametags, currency, tester-only items, and more.

Contact Us

Spiral#4837 is my discord!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is the right category. Tell me if its wrong and I will fix it.

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I think this is the wrong category! Since you are offering a service, your post needs to be moved to #collaboration #collaboration:portfolios.

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Ok! Thanks. I will change that.