[FOR HIRE] Iunarflare - Scripter for hire/commission (2 ½ years experience)


Hello! I’m Iunarflare (you can call me lunar) and I’ve been scripting for 2 and a half years now!
I mainly have knowledge on datastores, UI functions, TeleportService and queue systems, and many more things.

I’m most capable in scripting abilities and magic and things similar to that nature.


Here is a showcase of some of my work, new and old.

Here is some of my work
Phone system to call other users, also displays time (Recent)


Shield bash with R6 ragdoll (Year old)


Meteor strike style attack with screen shake explosion (3 months old)


Recent remake of the shield bash shown prior


Horror effect with blur and screen shake (Recent)

Streamable Video

Queue system that teleports people into a reserved server (Recent)



I am available every day for 3-4 hours each day besides weekends, on weekends I am available all day from 7am to 12pm PST.


Prices are negotiable depending on what you need me to do, I prefer to be paid in USD mainly through Paypal per asset but I can also do robux via group funds or gamepass. I’m currently only looking for jobs paying at least 2,000 robux or the USD equivalent. I also prefer to be paid after my work.


You can contact me via discord, v_v#3435. Message me there for any questions or concerns.


how much are your scripting commissions? like whats the amount

How much would it cost to get a dash tool scripted?

As said in the post, prices are negotiable depending on what you need me to do. Contact me on discord for any further questions

ok well i wanted to make a game and if you can stick with me for the entire project then i offer you 1000?

1k for the entire project LMAO

Not very nice words but I agree, 1k is for a full project is laughable.

Try not to use “LMAO” in a response when criticizing ones decision

alright, but it was just so laughable. Offering 3 dollars and 50 cents for somebody to develop for them for a entire project, and with that level of skill?

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so,how much usd at least?
i’m new :slight_smile:

Interested. Sent a contact request, BIG DAWG#1399