[FOR HIRE] Juan32566 / Advanced modeler for Advanced games

About me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a 3d-modeler. I specialize in creating models for games, and Working on textures, i’been using the program Blender for about 3 years and a couple of months, And Substance Painter for 6 months now.


You can view my work in this game: [🏖️ Week 2] Bitcoin Miner ⛏️ [Beta] - Roblox
Also here: Anomic : Revamp [Early Alpha] - Roblox
(These are not my games, I only work at this game as a 3d modeler)

Here are some screenshots of my work (these are some cards for the game im developing and other games that i been working on)


I am available for 4 - 6 hours every day of the week.


It depens if its a long time work or if you need some mesh My preferred payment method is by Robux or limiteds only. (you also can pay via pay pal if you want to)

  • There is 0 refounds after i send the models.

  • If you want to hire me for any period of time the payment has to be halfway into the project as an assurance of the work.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: AbstracDai_#0001

Good models for Good prices

Thanks for reading! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:!


Juan is a very talented modeller and I highly recommend them if you need any assets done. Had the honour working with them personally with my games.


I highly recommend this modeler. Finished the job within less than 5 minutes.
5/5 Star! :star:


You seem’s like very talented, there is alot of detailed.

I wish you would can find someone!


How much would you charge for ninja stars and katanas?


please add me on discord and we talk about it

I don’t have discord, so can we just talk in a DM here?

ok just send me the Dm and we talk about it

Commissioned them for three cafe models: batter dispenser, carbonation machine, and ice cream. They showed progress and completed the changes when asked. I’m very satisfied with the results, and would 100% recommend hiring them if you’re looking for models.


Juan is an incredibly skill lacking developer. I highly do not recommend them if you need any assets done.

Mmm sorry man but you were toxic saying that my work was bad and you were saying that 50usd dollars were 100k robux, i dont see what do you mean with i dont recommend him if you need any assets done. if i didnt made any for you, i think you are just mad because i didnt want to work for you, which is okay i dont want to job with a toxic childish guy who just call others by words like stupid, etc.

Oh and one thing, if you are going to see others faults, well let me tell you that you have a lot and it will be a good start if you start looking at your own business.

Thanks :smile:

no i said 50 usd was equiv. to 14k robux your the one who goes off retail

Yeah and if i use those 50$ to robux i will get only 4.5k thats the thing