[FOR HIRE] kingsmiiles Visuals

About Me

Howdy! I’m kingsmiiles, a talented GFX artist looking to start some commissions. I would be overjoyed to work alongside you, and create the masterpiece of your dreams.


You can view more of my work, on my Discord server (linked below)!


I am available for six to eight hours of work on the weekends. I am able to work a few hours during the weekdays. I am flexible, and am fully committed to completing your commission on time.


Icons/Logos ➵ 200R$
Gamepass Icons ➵ 175R$
Thumbnails ➵ 350R$
Raw Render ➵ 175R$
Custom Design ➵ Pricing Varies
Ads ➵ 200-300R$
Profile Pics ➵ 150R$

Payment Methods

Group Funds
Gamepass Purchase
USD (PayPal or Venmo)

Note that a 30% Marketplace Fee is added to purchases with the group funds or gamepass purchase methods.


Feel free to contact me anytime! I would be happy to even just chat about a commission with you!

Roblox Messages/DevForum - kingsmiiles
Discord - commandersmiiles#5823

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