[For Hire] Lahllypop (L_ly) | 2D & 3D Artist | Weapon Designer

About Me

I’m a graphic designer that’s been working on the Roblox platform since 2014! I primarily work in 3D but I can do 2D as well


A link to my portfolio can be found here

Previous Work

Pokemon Brick Bronze (Lando64000) - Available upon request
Kinetic Code (ScriptOn) - M200 Skin
Knife Capsules/Super Knife Frenzy (RedManta) - Work can be found here
Murdery Mystery 2 (Nikilis) - Pet Faces & Models
World // Zero (RedManta) - Mage of Light Skill Icons
Detective (Cringley/Antster) - All current gun textures and unique weapon models
Slicing simulator (FamedChris) - Eggs


I am available between 4PM - 11PM PST on weekdays and unavailable during weekends
(Contact me at least 24h before scheduling work)


Prices are negotiable, I only accept payments via PayPal eChecks/invoices or Venmo.
Base prices:
Models - $90 USD

Meshes - $40 USD
Textures - $50 USD

2D Work - $15 USD for emotes and icons
(Contact me for more information about character drawings or thumbnails)


You can contact me through the Developer Forum or via any of the methods below
Twitter: @Lahllypop
Discord: Lahlly#0001
E-mail: lahlly@toxino.us
(Responses may take up to 2-3 Business Days)

Thanks for checking out my work! ヾʕ๑・ω・๑ʔノ━☆゚.*・。゚


It only shows names and games, not examples of your work?

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Please click on my portfolio to see images of my work :smile:

It currently only includes images of my work with no other information available

She has a page of all of her work, as far as I can see it does not include pricing.

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Your texture work is very impressive! I’m pretty curious about what program(s) you use.


Awesome! Is there any chance for robux payments?

I’ll have access to 3D-Coat in the future for texturing but I currently make my sketches and rough drafts in Blender (v2.79)'s texture mode and refine them in Paint Tool Sai 2. (I also use Photoshop CS6 for textures that require certain patterns) (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Hope this helps!!

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In the future I’ll set up DevEx and open robux contacts. For now, I believe I’ll only take a 100k robux minimum order in order to DevEx if I took them

Do you do any discounts for mass-commissions? Also, what’s the general rate you charge for textures for their complexity, between something extremely simple or hard.

10% Discounts for orders of 25+ models or 4+ emotes :slight_smile: Simpler textures and meshes can range from $5-$35

Would you be interested in doing several custom meshes and textures, then a large amount of retextures (of the same texture.) All knives and sword variants in particular, the main knife you’d be retexturing would be the same as MM2.

Of course! DM me with more info (◕‿◕✿)