Hello there, my name is Laney. I have been on the Roblox platform for about 2 years, I am a clothing designer and 2D artist. I started designing a little over a year ago and started digital art about 8 months ago.


Design Commissions

Simple Clothes

image|500x359 image image image

Detailed Clothes

image image image image

Formal Attire



Art Commissions

Simple Art

Detailed Art

I am available everyday but am mainly available during weekends and during the evenings. Clothing commissions will be finished in about 1-2 weeks, if you’d like to check in that is possible but constantly nagging will make me cancel the order. It all depends on how busy I am, the complexity of the design, and what other commission I may have. When I am doing your commission I will try my best to finish it ASAP but having it immediately isn’t always guaranteed.


Prices can only be negotiated for higher terms. Payment will be before so as to avoid scams. When ordering clothing, you will upload the template. There are no refunds but if you’d like I am able to make minor changes to an outfit if necessary. The following prices are without tax, please make sure you are able to cover the tax.

Simple Clothing

  • Shirt/Pants Only: 1k R$
  • Full Outfit: 1.5k R$

Detailed Clothes

  • Shirt/Pants Only: 2k R$
  • Full Outfit: 2.5k R$


  • Detailed: 250 R$ per accessory
  • Simple/Minimal: 150 R$ per accessory

Art Commissions

  • Simple: 4.5k R$
  • Detailed: 6k R$
  • Multiple people, props, difficult background: 350 R$ per extra

If you’d like a specific style please submit that along with your order. Continual commissioners get reduced prices and special deals which can be negotiated. I am willing to receive payment through t-shirts and through group funds. You will not receive the template until you have paid but I am able to send a showcase version of the outfit.


My main contact is on discord. My tag is: Laney#0393 and if you’d like to submit an order you can dm me and I can send an invite to my commission server. You are also always welcome to contact me here on the Developer Forum.

Thanks for reading!!!
(Any questions or comments you can ask away!)


Amazing seems like you’re a fast learner!


Your art is so cute and so cheap! Bookmarking your page.

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Update: My art commissions are closed for updating but my clothing commissions will remain opened.

What is the base price for your clothing?

Full outfits: 400-600
Piece: 200-400
Asset/Accessory: 30-50

Is there any chance that you take USD?

I wish but no I am a minor and I don’t have an account

When do you plan on opening your art commissions?

Very soon possibly in a couple days

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Updated commission sheet, art commissions and design commissions open!

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I’m planning on commissioning you once my group funds come through!

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I sent a commission request, I hope you read it soon.

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Update: Added most recent art and design examples, added for hire to the title.


Update: Minor additions and updates

Updated commission sheet, increased prices along with new showcases and new layout! Make sure to read thoroughly when wanting to order.

I have commissioned Laney in the past. She is wonderful at completing her work in a timely manner and is very professional. 10/10 would recommend hiring her if you are looking for an artist or clothing designer :slight_smile:

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Adjusted design commission prices.