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About Me

Hello fellow developers. I am IndustryDev, a Roblox writer who is returning as a developer-for-hire for storylines, dialogue, descriptions, bios, and all other forms of Roblox-related writing. I originally had written storylines for numerous developers beginning in 2017. However, as of early 2019, I had left the Roblox platform, both due to unsure opinions about my future on the platform and to focus on succeeding in my first semester of college at the University of Central Florida. However, I have returned to the platform following my hiatus period, and I am once again opening my writing works to the public, and am looking forward to working on new projects I am hired for throughout the Roblox platform.


Here are some of the stories I have written, with some being personal works and others being projects I was hired for.

(Note: most of the stories listed here are from the 2017 to 2018 period, and merely are examples of my old work. The “(NEW) Dark Instinct Storyline”, however, was made just recently, and thus serves as a more modernized example of my work.)

References: @Maxx_J @Wsly @SirMing @lavafactory @zKevin

(NEW) Dark Instinct Storyline

[Context: Dark Instinct is a past project concept I had created in 2017. The game was a horror survival where teams of players were trapped in a facility with a monster, also controlled by a player. The survivors would be required to turn on the power and contain the monster, whilst the monster tried to kill the survivors before they could accomplish this. The following is a new version of its story, written 01/03/2020, in order to showcase some of my writing skills.]

Dark Instinct is set within the region known as the Marlone Isles, a mostly abandoned set of islands located in the Pacific Ocean near Asia. For the most part, these islands were abandoned long ago, forgotten by mankind due to their brutal history of tribal wars and explorers fighting for control. However, where one people saw a forgotten, cursed wasteland, another corporation saw opportunity. These islands were occupied by the Whitney Research Foundation (or WRF as they referred to themselves), a small, often times controversial scientific research company who often times resorted to unethical methods to unlock the peak standards of human potential. The WRF settled on the islands in 2027 due to discovering traces of a chemical known as Flonite, a rare substance that had proved to be useful in their search for what humans can endure, and how they evolve. Whilst most research groups did not dare mess with the substance due to it being legally banned worldwide, the WRF acquired it through illegal means and used it often in their research, which turned the Marlone Isles from a barren archipelago to a gold mine for the organization.

For the next three years, the WRF experimented on other creatures found on the islands to see how they reacted to the substance. However, in time, their head researcher, Dr. Walter Russ, began debating whether this research was getting the company anywhere. Thus, in 2030, Dr. Russ began authorizing research on human test subjects, most of whom were already dead by time the experiment was conducted. To the WRF’s surprise, the substance managed to resurrect the individual back to life…but only temporarily. Each test subject would begin morphing into a creature which the WRF labeled as “entities”, hostile lifeforms which threatened the safety of all the WRF’s staff. Each individual person morphed into a different kind of entity, often times being related to an event the subject faced in the past. Whilst his advisors begged him to terminate the creatures, Dr. Russ instead saw promise in them and voted to contain them, scattering them across the different islands of the archipelago for his continued research. For a while, this plan worked…but it did not last forever.

In 2031, a storm named Typhoon Oshiro hit the archipelago. The typhoon, which was one of the strongest on record, slammed into the islands and knocked down their main power station, shutting the entire archipelago without power. Throughout all of the WRF’s research stations, the entities were now let loose in the facilities, rampaging throughout them and killing most of the staff. Only about 15% of the WRF’s researchers and security survived the event, and they were forced to flee to Japan for refuge. Upon landfall, Dr. Walter Russ was arrested and sent to prison for failing to dispose of the entities. The rest of the researchers journeyed across the world, seeking a home where they could find one.

This brings us to a few months prior the game; specifically, 2034. Dr. Walter Russ, whom up to this point was locked away in prison, recently escaped from his containment, and nobody has seen or heard of him sense. The official reports claim him to be dead: however, one employee, Dr. Marcel Keller, knows this is not the case. The second in command of WRF before it was dismantled in 2032 due to the events on the Marlone Isles, Marcel suspects that Walter has returned to the archipelago to unlock the secrets of his research and use it against the world. Determined to stop him, Dr. Keller formed the Whitney Liberation Force, a team of WRF survivors determined to wipe out the creatures that they helped create and stop Dr. Russ from using them for his own, sinister purposes. These survivors, who were both members of the research and security team alike, have their own strengths and weaknesses, but together as a team, Marcel knows they can stop Dr. Walter Russ before it is too late.

This brings up to the time period which the game is set in. Set in late 2034, the game sets the players into teams of two: one player is the entity which is trapped on the island, whilst the rest of the players are members of the Whitney Liberation Force. The monster has abilities determined by what kind of monster it is, and how its theme reflects its design. The players, however, can choose to be members of the WLF security officers (who are in possession of high powered weaponry) and the WLF researchers (who aren’t well armed but do have special equipment that gives the WLF an edge if used properly). The maps which the game are set in are the research stations of the WRF, which were destroyed by Typhoon Oshiro and the rampage of the entities. By bringing the bases back to power, you trap the monsters in their holds once again and gain one step closer to stopping Dr. Walter Russ from gaining power so fierce that it can be used to spark terror across the entire world.

Storyline for "Rhythm Stars: Duncan Vissen (for Maxx_J)"

Note: This is pages 10-12 out of 57 made for the Rhythm Stars game

Truthspeaker, also known as Duncan Visser, was a popular Rhythm Star who eventually went undercover. Originally, Duncan was an average rhythm star, performing records and concerts based on city-wide topics. Duncan was well respected upon everyone until Ugo Vondez formed a plan against him. This resulted in Duncan being forced to go against the law to bring order to Modum city. Before the disaster, Duncan donated a lot of his funding to charities across the city. However, after Duncan was forced to go rogue, he uses all the money to fund his concerts, having the Boisson Cachee and Oliver collect the materials he could not obtain himself. Duncan is also the founder of the group Tempo Riot, a Rhythm Star concert group dedicated to shedding the light to the people on the truth of several topics sprawling around the city.

Ever since he was a young kid growing out in the outskirts of Mogum City, Duncan Visser was a huge fan of the music industry. Although he was a fan of all song artists, Duncan had a particular interest in rock. Duncan also developed a strong addiction to Bloxy Cola even in his early ages. During school, Duncan would often times perform songs he hand-wrote in the middle of the cafeteria. One day, during his high school years, the CEO of Noten Record Studios, Winston Hass, began searching for teenagers to potentially bring into the music industry. Winston specifically went to the music classes looking for people, but he found nobody of interest. As he was about to leave the complex, Winston heard Duncan performing a new song in the outdoor cafeteria area. Winston was almost instantly attracted to the music and saw Duncan as having potential in the industry. This is how Duncan’s career as a musical artist got all started up.

At the start of his career, Duncan only knew how to sing: he wasn’t into much of the dancing profession. Because of this, Winston Hass hired Gabriel Vos to teach Duncan how to dance to the beat of his songs. Gabriel was surprised at how fast Duncan was getting used to the performance style, even comparing Duncan’s skills to his own. Believing Duncan to be ready, Winston had Duncan perform his first “concert” at a small local amphitheater outside of Modum City. During the performance, Duncan played and danced to some of the songs he had written in previous years, with the instrumentals being done by staff members of Noten Record Studios. Amazingly, the concert was a huge success, with Duncan’s song “The Spoiled Matriarch”, which was focused around the government and its history of bribery, being the most popular of his songs.

Duncan began writing new songs after that point, mostly about controversial topics, donating 30% of all the funds to charities related to the songs. One of these songs was “Freedom of the Pop”, a song released shortly after the plans to ban Bloxy Cola were announced. Following the ban of Bloxy Cola, Duncan secretly began buying the soda from Oliver Prins Jr., a middle school friend of Duncan who stole Bloxy Cola from hidden Boisson Cachee stashes. Eventually, Winston began rushing Duncan to get more songs out as fast as possible to boost up “his company’s profits”, leading Duncan to suspect Winston was out for the money more than anything. After this point, Duncan began writing controversial songs related to Modum City itself. One of these songs, titled “Snake of Modum”, was a song themed off of government corruption, secretly based on the actions of its mayor, Ugo Vondez. Upon the song’s release, Ugo spoke with Winston Hass telling him to make new rules for Duncan’ songs. Winston disagreed to do this, as Duncan was his biggest profit-making “asset” because of his controversial songs. Ugo then pledges to deal with the problem himself if Winston didn’t do something about it. Duncan overhears the conversation and begins to realize he is nothing more to Winston than a money bag.

As expected, Winston did nothing about it. One day, however, Winston accidentally discovered Bloxy Cola cans in Duncan’s recording office. Two days later, Duncan made claims that had plans to go his own route. However, after hearing this, Winston threatened to report Duncan’s illegal possession of Bloxy Cola to the police if Duncan left Noten studios. This was the final push Duncan needed to learn that he was simply a pawn in Winston’s game. Eager to get out of this loophole, Duncan secretly set a performance at the Town Hall. Here, Duncan performed some old songs he had written, including Snake of Modum, and some new ones he had written, including “The Big Boss”, a song directed towards Winston. It didn’t take long for action to be taken against him. Secretly knowing he would be there, Ugo Vondez sent police officers to the Alpine Disco Nightclub and arrested Duncan on the illegal possession of Bloxy Cola. Shortly after this, Winston Hass made claims that he was dropping Duncan from the company.

Four days after his arrest, Duncan was bailed out of prison by a man named Benjamin Visser, who claimed to be Duncan’s uncle. After leaving the jail, Benjamin revealed himself to be Nicholas Sasmeli of the Boisson Cachee. Nicholas then began to make a deal for Duncan. Nicholas would provide Duncan with Bloxy Cola, alongside funds and other supplies, and help Duncan continue performing, if Duncan helped Nicholas and the Boisson Cachee get rid of the ban against Bloxy Cola. Duncan agreed to do this, but on the extra term that Nicholas help Duncan get together a team in order to provide extra support for setting up his performances. Nicholas agreed to the extra term. Duncan decided to hire Oliver Prins Jr., the man who before wards got Bloxy Cola to Duncan, to be the smuggler for the team (under the condition that he stopped stealing Bloxy Cola from the Boisson Cachee, which he agreed to, even though he wouldn’t need to do it anymore after joining the team). Nicholas, meanwhile, ended up using his role as a detective to bail out three prisoners recently locked within jail to help him. Nicholas gathered Ian Ruis, a technical expert who had been imprisoned for shutting down the power grid of half the city, Peter Smits, a graffiti artist imprisoned for spray-painting “Freedom of Speech” on the back of the Town Hall shortly after Duncan’s performance, and Jacob Meer, a skilled musician arrested for, like Duncan, the illegal possession of Bloxy Cola. Nicholas also gave all 5 of them nicknames, naming Duncan “Truthspeaker”, Oliver “Prince Ollie II”, Ian “S10RM”, Peter “Mr. Graffiti”, and Jacob “Amadeus”. Nicholas would plan out the time and location of the performances, as well as keep police occupied in the meanwhile, Duncan would write the songs and perform them at the time and place, Oliver would steal the supplies Nicholas could not get a hold of, Ian would hack the power grid to manage the electrical appliances, Peter would spray paint across the city promoting the performances, and Jacob would create all the instrumental music for the songs. Together, the six of them formed the group Tempo Riot (although it was only advertised to have five members, leaving Nicholas out of the list, under his own jurisdiction), and slowly, they became one of the biggest (and most infamous) Rhythm Star music groups in Modum City, gaining the attention of everyone in the city whenever they held a performance.

Storyline for "WSP-1 (for lavafactory)"

The story begins in the year 2231, on the planet of WSP-1. Earth has run almost completely out of fresh water, primarily thanks to the global warming of the Earth, resulting in the melting of the ice caps, the huge surplus of salt water, and the destruction of most of the top cities in the world. Unable to convert enough salt water into fresh water, the world formed the Helios Organization, tasked with the ultimate goal to find planets with fresh water and send water back to Earth to supply the population. One of these planets is WSP-1, a massive ice-covered planet twice the size of Earth with an ocean hidden underneath it. This was one of the best sources of fresh water found so far, so the company tasked the workers who had found it to establish a permanent settlement. In order to extract the water, the settlement would have to drill down beneath the icy surface and pump the water back up. This process, however, would eventually lead to the demise of the group.

In order to ensure the water was safe to drink, the settlement decided to stream the planet’s water and the water provided from Earth separately, just in case the planet’s was unsafe to drink, and installed gateways in between the water in the event that it was declared safe to drink. The settlement assigned two scientists, by the names of Daniel Mineza (The player) and Trevor Nicholas to study the water for any viruses. While the tests were being performed, a blizzard began to occur on the planet. The snow blew out the main generators of the building temporarily, resulting in the planet’s water being mixed in with the Earth water. Once the power came back on, Daniel and Trevor came to the realization that the water contained a virus within it. Daniel quickly ran to the head of the settlement, Benjamin Ham, and informed him on the virus. However, Ben, who was already infected by the virus, told Daniel that the idea was impossible, and had declared Daniel was attempting to sabotage the mission, ordering him to be locked away until they could build some sense into them.

Trevor, meanwhile, quickly comes to the realization that the drinking water was contaminated. Both scientists come to the conclusion that everyone on board the station is infected except for them. Several days go by before Daniel or Trevor are able to stop the mission from ongoing. Knowing the station is infected, the two end up forming a plan on how to prevent the rocket leaving the planet from escaping with the water to Earth and infecting everyone on it. On the day of the launch, Trevor manages to shut down the power for the building containing Daniel. This allows Daniel to escape from imprisonment. Trevor, meanwhile, heads to the main rocket and deploys explosives inside of it. However, as he is leaving the ship, security personnel find and capture Trevor. Upon learning that Daniel escaped containment, Trevor is brought to Ben. Ben gives the command to all of the personnel to track down Daniel and kill him. In response, Daniel goes on a literal murder spree, killing everyone in the station before he is killed first. This leads Daniel to the main control station of the rocket, where he finds Ben as he is interrogating Trevor. Daniel attempts to shoot and kill Ben, but Ben shoots Daniel in the knee right before he kills Trevor. Afterwards, Ben activates the controls in order to launch the rocket. Right after he does this, Daniel stabs Trevor from behind, grabs the controller from Trevor’s dead body, and blows up the rocket. This stops the water from escaping WSP-1, but all the debris heads straight back down to Earth, destroying the facility. One of these pieces of debris pierces Trevor’s skull, damaging his brain’s hippocampus.

The game begins with Daniel waking up on the bottom levels of the facility, which have been flooded with water partially. Daniel has completely forgotten who he was, where he is, and why he is there. In search of answers, Daniel scavenges his way throughout the facility. As he makes his way through, he finds one of the workers of the facility. After asking for help, Daniel is attacked by the worker, but Daniel manages to kill the worker. Daniel is forced to roam through the facility, killing anyone he sees, solving any electronic failures he encounters, and discover who he truly is. As he goes through the game, Daniel learns of his past on Earth and why he came to the facility. Upon entering his lab, Daniel learns of the studies he did on the virus, and realizes how it slowly takes control of its host and kills them. It is not until he reaches the main control center that he discovers that he is the one who destroyed the facility. After reviewing the footage, Daniel begins to hear whispers in his head. At first, Daniel believes he is going insane from his loss of memory. He also realizes that to save the planet, the base has to be destroyed. So, the player goes throughout the base and deploys explosives in order to blow up the base upon leaving. Then, the player heads to the escape pod once and for all. As he walks to the escape, the whispers get louder and more demanding, and eventually Daniel begins to talk back as if the virus is another person.

Eventually, Daniel will arrive at the escape pod center and call down an escape pod. However, the player will also realize a piece of debris is in the back of their head. After pulling it out, Daniel will regain all of the memories he had prior to that moment. After hearing the voices again, Daniel realizes that he too is infected with the virus (he became infected when he was in the beginning of the game, when the infected water came into contact with the blood and shrapnel lodged into his brain, allowing it to seep into his bloodstream). At this point, the shuttle appears, allowing the player to escape. However, it is at this point that Daniel and the player have to make a dramatic choice: leave the base or stay on it. If the player leaves the base, they will escape via the pod right as Daniel explodes the facility, leaving the player as the only survivor. However, the game will then skip a few years at a time, showing Daniel arriving upon Earth, then the virus becoming exposed to Earth’s population, and slowly but surely, Daniel and the rest of the humans living out their last moments on Earth in crisis as everyone begins to die from the virus. If, however, the player chooses to stay, they will launch the shuttle from the outside without Daniel. Daniel will then deploy the last explosive on the floor of the shuttle room. Saying his last words, Daniel will then explode the facility, killing him and everyone else within it while also preventing anyone from ever leaving and the infection from spreading to the Earth, saving billions of lives in hopes that they will find a way to save the human population from death by mass dehydration.


I am usually available for most of the hours throughout the day, both for communicating and writing. However, if you aren’t able to immediately get a hold of me, rest assured that I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Writing Prices

I have decided to separate my writings into different packages, each one based off of what it is you want me to write. These can either be paid in group funds or in manual donations: however, if done through the latter, an additional tax fee will be required to cover the cost of Roblox’s portion of sells.

The current packages, as well as their contents and prices, are shown here:

Storyline Pack

Consists of actual game lore, character/place backgrounds, and any story-based lore.

Starting Fee: R$3750

Writing Fee: R$1000 per paragraph

Dialogue Pack

Consists of character and/or mission dialogue (including multiple choice responses if desired)

Starting Fee: R$2000

Writing Fee: R$800 per 6 sentences of dialogue

Description Pack

Consists of: Item descriptions, character bios, and other asset outlines

Starting Fee: R$1200

Writing Fee: R$400 per 6 sentences of descriptions

Quest Pack

Consists of: The functionality description of quests, challenges, and other in-game features

Starting Fee: R$1500

Writing Fee: R$600 per paragraph

Game Pack

Consists of: The outline for an entire game should you need an idea for one

Starting Fee: R$2500

Writing Fee: R$900 per paragraph

Miscellaneous Pack

Consists of: Any unlisted form of writing that is not within its own category.

Starting Fee: R$2100

Writing Fee: R$800 per 6 lines

Terms and Conditions:

(1) Paragraphs usually are around 6 sentences long, but it sometimes can be more than that.

(2) Payment is expected to be received before the story is given to you after it is done being written – a blurred version will be shown to you before payment is requested. However, under very special conditions, I will make arrangements for payment conditions should you not be able to directly pay me all of the money at a single time.

(3) Percentage of game profit may be requested if right-out payment of all fees is not possible and/or under other special circumstances. The percentage for this is up for debate depending on the amount of work done for the project.

Professional Projects

I have written Roblox works of writing for various different Roblox contractors: here is a few of the games and official projects I have worked on.

  • Main Concept Storyline for Robot 64 (zKevin)

  • Main Storyline, Sub-Storylines, and Dialogue for Rhythm Stars (maxx_J)

  • Character bios for Egg Farm Simulator (SirMing)

  • Main Storyline and map storylines for an unreleased project (Wsly)


You can contact me about any of the products shown here, additional offers, and questions about the writing packs at the following locations:

Devforum: Comment on this post or DM me

Twitter: Industrial_Dev

Discord: IndustryDev#6500

Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/5793054/profile

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I look forward to discussing potential development opportunities with some of you in the future.