[FOR HIRE] Phini | Environmental Artist

Currently closed, open to negotiate if you have a super offer but focusing on my own games. All work displayed here is also outdated and more than 3 years old! Sorry that title still says “[FOR HIRE]”, couldn’t edit it since this category is closed.

About me

Hey! I’m Phini, and I am offering services within map building, more specifically terrain. I am mostly experienced in making terrain using studio tools only, but I can make trees and some other props in Blender.

Check out my work

Featured Project:

This was my most recent project showcasing the new grass. Find more about it under ‘Solo Projects’

Solo Projects:

This map takes inspiration in the WW2 era and sets the mood for a war game
Most props you see were not made by me.

Unused map for Foxes' Life

This map was never used and is a bit dated by now, again no props or effects were exclusively by me.

(OLD) Showcase - "Realism

This map was made a while ago with intent of a calm and somewhat realistic forest. I did not make the trees used.

You can check it out for yourself here:
Showcase - Roblox

Grass Showcase

This project was to show off the new Grass in the Roblox terrain editor. It is just a scene and not a big map, but a map with this style could be made. The trees are quality free models because my blender skills aren’t quite good enough to make realistic trees yet. Everything else was made by me, though.

Here’s also a bonus summer/Winter contrast version:

Low Poly City

This small project shows my building capabilities aswell. Originally made by me a long time ago, the lighting and environment around was redone by myself recently.

Wolves' Life Beta

Current map, I contributed with some blender models (Trees, rocks, some other props by me), the map itself, detailing and most of what you see on the picture is me, but Shyfoox made the outlines and explained the style she wanted and did a bit of detailing:

Old Wolves’ Life Beta map (I didn’t make the props here) I contributed with the map itself, detailing and most of what you see on the picture is me, but Shyfoox made the outlines and explained the style she wanted and did a bit of detailing::

Made this along with Erythia aswell, we both did a lot of colors and layout and detailing each:

Dragon's Life

Trees and other props not by me. I contributed with the map itself, detailing and most of what you see on the picture is me and Shyfoox, she made some of the outlines and explained the style she wanted and did the detailing along with me:


There will be more commissions to show soon

Freeze Tag Lobby - PolyCrunch

This was a quick map that @PolyCrunch commissioned me for. He wanted a relatively small island in the water. All the props, lighting, terrain, design, and models you see was done fully by me.


My availability is very flexible, but since I have my own games to focus on, a lot of my time might be dedicated to those.


Payment is very negotiable depending on size, timeframe, and details required. I only accept eligible Robux, and would appreciate serious offers of 500k or more Robux. This might seem like a steep price, but I promise quality, and I already have my own games that bring in revenue.

I will usually decline work for % alone unless you are an already established game developer/studio with a record of success, but a mix of set payment and % could work in most cases.

I only accept Robux payments from group funds, but I am willing to explore other options if the USD offer is too good to decline.


I am open to both one time commissions and a position as a developer in a studio, contact me if you’re interested!
You can contact me here on Devforums, via Twitter at https://twitter.com/RBXPhini, or via my Discord which is Phini#0899. In addition, you can message me on Roblox since I read and respond to all my Roblox messages aswell: Phini - Roblox

Thanks for reading! :smiley:


Good work! Your terrain work looks great, l look forward to seeing your stuff in other games


In love with the terrain :star_struck:! Can’t wait to see more in the future, good luck!

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Good stuff. I’ll keep this bookmarked for reference.


I sent you a discord friend request. I’d wish to talk there!


Phini is an awesome 3D modeler, with amazing talent and capability. I’ve had first hand experience of them myself. If you have an opportunity to, hire Phini. You won’t regret it.


Just stopped by to look at some portfolios in hopes to look for a builder and Modeler I need. Just gotta enjoy the terrain designs you make.


Phini was really pleasant to work with! My commission was done in just a couple of days and he was quick to adapt to any changes I requested. The finished product is breathtaking – I’d definitely recommend him for any of your terrain needs :smile:


I vouch for him, he makes incredible terrain.

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Great person to work with. Truely amazing terrain. Very fast and reliable.

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Sent a Discord friend request! Love your terrain.

I sent you a friend request, BK#1768

Phini makes great terrain and works quick, ive never hired him myself but ive seen him make it and its really lit!

Just get phini hes a cool dude.

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How do you do it?!, I’ll never know, but insane job. Keep it up!

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That grass showcase is phenomenal! :heart_eyes:

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Your terrain is amazing. :mount_fuji: I loved the battlefield and all of the collaborations in particular. I will strive to achieve your level of work :slight_smile:

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Amazing work, hired him for a project which I never finished. He did an AMAZING job! I love him and his work! <3 :smiley: