[FOR HIRE] Scripter/UI Designer 2020

Hello All,
I am a good scripter if left alone.
Please Expect per 2 scripts a 2 hour wait for them to be done
Pricing For Script: R$150 Per Script!
Pricing For UI is R$150 PER UI
I Have Plenty Of Projects!! :slight_smile: of scripted Things Or UIs!


Message me on the dev forums for the fastest response!

Dec 31-Thursday 12-7 P (TAKEN BY DanieiosbestYTalt)
Jan 2nd Saturday 12P-5 P EST -(TAKEN BY DanieiosbestYTalt)
Jan 3rd Sunday 12-3 (TAKEN BY DanieiosbestYTalt)
Jan 4th Monday 10 A-12 (TAKEN by DanieiosbestYTalt)
even more days to!!!

Normal: 1 gun = 300
lil normal:2 guns = 600
high normal: 10 guns = 3000
advanced normal: 20 guns = 6000
meduim range guns 50 guns = 15,000
meduim advanced 100 guns = 30,000
high amount:200 guns = 60,000
keep in mind this is robux! you must pay on top of the 30% fees!

Script Packs:
1 script:150
5 scripts:750
10 scripts:1,500
20 scripts:3,000
50 scripts:7,500
100 scripts:15,000
200 scripts:30,000
Also this is on top of the roblox 30% fees and it robux to

Building Packs:
1 Building:150
5 Buildings:750
10 buildings:1.500
20 Buildings:3,000
50 Buildings:7,500
100 buildings:15,000
200 buildings:30,000
has to be on top of robox 30% fees and robux for the prices to

UI Packs:
1 UI:150
5 UIs:750
10 UIs:1.500
20 UIs:3,000
50 UIs:7,500
100 UIs:15,000
200 UIs:30,000
has to be on top of robox 30% fees and robux for the prices to

I can do almost Anything with UI’s
can script advanced things such as a admin panel and other advanced things but prices possibly may be cheaper if i already made it.
i can do custom name tag scripts custom overheads and more
i can make a building in about a hour if i put full effort into it like i do with every customer!
advanced buildings sometimes take up to a day to be fully efforted and finshed

Payment Methods
You can only do via group funds! because anything else could be breaking ROBLOX TOS!
Also This Was Re-created And The Other One Was Deleted!
its because i wanted to revise that!

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