[FOR HIRE] SourcedInfinity : Open Designer




About Me

I’m a 15 year old Vietnamese designer that’s spent half of his life on a platform called ROBLOX. I joined ROBLOX in 2009 and haven’t gotten to be able to access this forum until this year. I’d refer myself as a mediocre developer, but some other people apparently call me good.

What I Provide

I am a UI designer, along with being a growing vector artist. I specialize in UX / UI designing, meaning that I don’t script, but I design creations which I deem best for games. I specialize in many styles, and I’m continuing to expand my horizons. I also do vector drawings and illustrations, and I’m hopefully going to start making logo designs for games.

Programs Used

I actually take an actual class in real life that regards to designing, so I’m keen on the usage of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD. I usually use these programs to prototype and design my UI, along with drawing and having multiple illustrations. I’m actually certified in the usage of Adobe Illustrator IRL as well, so that’s a plus.

My Showcase

I have multiple old sources of UI design. I sometimes cringe when I see my old portfolios and I hope you do too. I don’t usually use a trello portfolio anymore, but here’s one that I’m comfortable with.

I have a few images below as well.




Other UI (May also be included in Trello Portfolio)

Recent Projects (This is a hefty one.)

Other works can be found on my twitter.


I’m available everyday, honestly. I’ve been on this platform for a while, and I’ve never stopped my motivation. I’m usually here after school (considering that I’m still somewhat of a teenager), and etc. I’m always on discord, at vince!!#5993.


I’m pretty flexible when it comes to payment, I can accept USD or Robux. I can also do hourly pay & per asset.

Fair warning, my rates are high for some. I charge dependent on the effort required on my projects.

I’ll introduce a portfolio / pricing website soon.


You can find me on discord, vince!!#5993.

This is also my first thread ever on this forum, so you can also expect me to be active here, DM me any message you’d like.

Hope to see you soon.

~ SourcedInfinity / Vince.

(i also build but i don’t think i’m good enough to disclose that info yet lol)


Very nice UI! I recently started UI and this helps me get ideas! (Not copying ideas, UI style ideas.)


You got talent man keep it up I hope to see even more sooner great stuff.


Very nice work indeed. I like the style, and how you can fit information in little space and still have it look pretty.

I would definitely hire you if I need a UI designer.


You seem like a really cool gamer dude. Keep up good work and good luck! :smile:


I’ve known Vincent for quite some time now and I can guarantee he will provide you with exactly what you wanted, and maybe something that lives higher than your expectations.

His style, creativity, and skill are all incredible traits.

I’m glad he was able to make into the forum. He deserves it.


quick edit regarding my name change, more work to be added! i’ll look into making showcases.